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Ai Ye

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What is Ai Ye?

Ai Ye, which is also called Artemisia argyi or chinese mugwort, is a plant of compositae and artemisia. Ai ye herb is a slightly semi-shrub or perennial herb, and the plant has a strong aroma. The main root is obvious, a little thick and long, up to 1.5 cm in diameter, there are many lateral roots. Stems solitary or few, 80-150(-250) cm tall. The leaves are papery and thick, covered with off-white pubescent hairs, with white glandular spots and small pits. Inflorescence head elliptic, 2.5-3(-3.5) mm in diam., sessile or subsessile. Achene oblong or oblong. The flowering and fruiting period is July-October.

Chinese Mugwort

The whole herb of Chinese Mugwort is used as medicine, which has the effects of warming the meridians, dispelling cold, removing dampness, hemostasis, relieving asthma, anti-inflammatory, preventing miscarriage, relieving cough, and anti-allergic. Ai Ye Herb leaves are dried and crushed to obtain "Moxa velvet", which can be used to make moxa sticks which is for moxibustion, and can also be used as raw materials for "ink pad". In addition, the whole plant can be used as a pesticide for killing insects or smoked for room disinfection and insecticide. Shoots and seedlings are used as vegetables. Ai Ye Herb is dried and crushed into Ai Ye Herb powder, which can be used as a natural plant dye. Folks believe that Ai Ye Herb also has the function of warding off evil spirits and attracting all kinds of blessings. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Ai Ye Herb is hung on the door, and it has become a custom of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Growth environment of Ai Ye

Ai Ye Herb grows in wastelands, roadsides, riversides, and hillsides in low to middle altitudes, it is also found in forest grasslands and grasslands, and is the dominant species in plant communities in some areas.

Ai Ye Herb is distributed in Mongolia, North Korea, Russia (Far East) and China; widely distributed, except for extremely arid and alpine regions, almost all over China. Cultivated in Japan.

Processing methods of Ai Ye

Ai Ye Herb

Take the original medicinal materials, remove impurities and stems, and sieve to remove dust.

Vinegar Ai Ye

Take clean mugwort leaves, add rice vinegar, mix well, moisten until thoroughly, put in a pot, heat with slow fire, fry dry, take out, spread out in time, and cool thoroughly. For every 100kg of mugwort leaves, use 15kg of rice vinegar.

Ai Ye Charcoal

Take the clean mugwort leaves, put them in a container for frying, heat them over medium heat, fry until the surface is burnt black, spray a little water to extinguish the sparks, fry them slightly dry, take them out and spread them out to dry.

Vinegar Ai Ye Charcoal

Take the mugwort leaves, stir-fry them over medium heat until the surface is burnt black, spray with rice vinegar to extinguish any sparks, fry them dry, take them out, and let them air out in time to cool thoroughly. Artemisia per 100kg,
Use rice vinegar 15kg.

Ai Ye Herb TCM

Medicine part

Dry leaves of the plant.


Spicy, bitter, warm in nature.


Return liver, spleen, kidney channel.


Warming meridian for hemostasis, expelling cold for relieving pain; external use for dispelling dampness and relieving itching.


For hematemesis, epistaxis, uterine bleeding, menorrhagia, fetal leakage, cold pain in the lower abdomen, irregular menstruation, uterine cold infertility; external treatment of skin itching. Vinegar, moxa and charcoal warm the meridians to stop bleeding, and are used for bleeding due to deficiency and cold.

Related compatibility

(1) Long-term illness due to cold and overwork: Four liang of Maoxiang flower and Ai Ye Herb leaves, burnt and stored, ground into powder, corn rice balls and Wuzi big. At the beginning, take 20 to 30 pills of Cnidium Decoction, and vomit slightly, and then drink it with Zao Decoction, and the effect will be immediate. ("Sanji General Record")

(2) Temperament of typhoid fever, febrile disease and headache, strong and hot pulse: take three liters of dried mugwort leaves. Take one bucket of water, boil one liter, take it immediately to get sweat. ("Behind the Elbow")

(3) Pregnancy wind-cold stroke, unconsciousness, like apoplexy: stir-fry very hot with cooked moxa and rice vinegar, wrap it in silk and iron the navel, and it will disappear after a long time. ("Prescriptions for Women")


Decoction, 3-9g, or into pills or powder; or pounded into juice. Proper amount for external use, for moxibustion or fumigation.


This product is warm and dry in nature, and should be used with caution in patients with yin deficiency and blood heat. Slightly toxic, do not overdose.

Related discussion

(1) "Compendium of Materia Medica": Warming the middle, expelling the cold, and dehumidifying.

(2) "Materia Medica Seeking Truth": specially enters the liver and spleen. And into the kidney.

(3) "Materia Medica Congxin": expel cold and dampness. Warm the womb. Stop the bleeding. Warm and happy. Tune menstruation and prevent miscarriage.

Ai Ye Herb benefits

1. Warming the meridians and stopping bleeding: Ai Ye Herb leaves are fragrant, pungent, and warm in nature. It is an important medicine for stopping bleeding and warming the meridians. It can be used to treat different kinds of bleeding diseases caused by deficiency and cold.

2. Dispelling cold and relieving pain: Ai Ye Herb can warm the meridians, dispel cold and dampness and relieve cold and pain. It is often used for irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and leucorrhea caused by deficiency and cold in the lower jiao. It can be used with Cuscuta. Artemisia argyi has the effect of warming the middle, dispelling cold and relieving pain, and can also be used to treat abdominal pain caused by deficiency and cold of the spleen and stomach. It can be used together with angelica and Cyperus cyperi.

3. Dispelling dampness and relieving itching: Washing with Ai Ye Herb decoction has the effect of dispelling dampness and relieving itching. It can be used to treat vulvar itching, vulvar eczema and other diseases.

Ai Ye Herb side effects 

1. Dry skin: After some people use Ai Ye Herb leaves, the local skin may become dry and peeled.

2. Allergies: Ai Ye Herb leaves are usually used for external application. Because the aroma of wormwood leaves is relatively strong and the ingredients are relatively complex, it contains a large amount of volatile oil, which can easily cause allergic reactions.

3. Inhibiting nerves: Ai Ye Herb is a kind of warm medicinal material. If it is used too much, it will inhibit the nerves and consume the Yang Qi of the human body, causing the body to become weak.

4. Aggravate yin deficiency and blood heat: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, if you use Ai Ye Herb leaves for a long time, it is likely to cause yin deficiency and blood heat.

Main value of Ai Ye

Chinese mugwort uses

Mugwort in chinese medicine

The whole herb is used as medicine, which has the effects of warming the meridians, dispelling cold, removing dampness, hemostasis, relieving asthma, anti-inflammatory, anti-abortion, relieving cough, and anti-allergic. It is recorded in the medical records of the past dynasties as "the essential medicine for hemostasis", and it is one of the commonly used gynecological medicines, too. It is especially good for treating gynecological diseases of cold and deficiency, and it can also treat chronic bronchitis and asthma in the elderly. Pharmaceutical pillows, medicine vests, prevention and treatment of asthma or chronic bronchitis in the elderly and stomach pain due to deficiency and cold.


Dried and crushed Ai Ye Herb leaves to obtain "moxa velvet", which can be used to make moxa sticks which is for moxibustion, and can be used as raw material for "ink pad", too. In addition, the whole plant can be used as a pesticide for killing insects or smoked for room insecticide and disinfection. Ai Ye Herb is dried and crushed into Ai Ye Herb powder, which is a feed additive of high-quality for livestock and poultry. It can be used as natural plant dyes, too.


For food

Shoots and seedlings can be used as vegetables.

Chinese mugwort tea

Ai ye herb can be made chinese mugwort tea, that used for women's abdominal pain during menstruation and postpartum cold abdominal pain.

How to take Ai Ye?

1. When the decoction of Ai Ye Herb is taken orally, the usual dosage is 3-9g.

2. For external use, it can be decocted to fumigate and wash the affected area, and it can also be used for moxibustion.

3. Through different processing methods, Chinese herbal medicines such as mugwort leaf, vinegar mugwort leaf, mugwort leaf charcoal and vinegar mugwort leaf charcoal can be produced. It should be fried with charcoal for warming the meridian and stopping bleeding, and it should be used raw for dispelling cold and relieving pain. Different processing methods have different effects, but the method of medication is the same, please follow the doctor's advice for specific medication.

4. Ai Ye Herb are generally put into decoction, decocted for consumption, and can also be made into powder or pill for consumption. However, the use of Chinese herbal medicines must be based on syndrome differentiation and treatment, and should be used under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners, and should not be used at will, let alone listen to traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and advertisements.

Delicious food made from Ai Ye Herb

Ai Tuan

1. Ingredients
Glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, orange flour, sugar, Ai Ye Herb leaves, oil, salt

2. Recipe
(1) Chopped Ai Ye Herb leaves for later use;

(2) Mix glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, and orange flour, then add salt, sugar, water, Ai Ye Herb leaves, and oil;

(3) Then knead the dough;

(4) After kneading, knead the dough into small green balls;

(5) Put the kneaded small green ball into a container and steam it, and enjoy it when it is cooked.

How to choose Ai Ye?


High-quality Ai Ye Herb: earthy yellow or golden yellow is better.
Inferior-quality Ai Ye Herb: greenish is the current year's moxa, and blackish is the hair that needs to deteriorate.


The smell of high-quality Ai Ye Herb after burning: the taste is mild, fragrant, and not pungent.
The smell of inferior-quality Ai Ye Herb after burning: pungent, musty, and grassy (for that year's Ai Ye Herb), etc.

Smoke after burning

The smoke after burning high-quality Ai Ye Herb: the smoke is light white, not strong, and the smoke lingers from bottom to top.
The smoke after burning inferior-quality Ai Ye Herb: When burning, the smoke is very large, black, and there are noises. This is because the impurities in it make a bursting sound when burning. After burning, the shape of the ashes will be irregular and the color will be black.

How to buy Ai Ye?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Ai Ye, if you are interested in Ai Ye Herb or chinese mugwort seeds, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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