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Da Zao

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What is Da Zao?

Da Zao (scientific name: Ziziphus jujuba Mill.), also known as jujube. Rhamnaceae Jujube plants, deciduous small trees, sparse shrubs, up to 10 meters high, bark brown or taupe, petioles 1-6 mm long, or up to 1 cm on long branches, glabrous or sparse Hair, stipules slender, often shedding later. Flowers yellow-green, bisexual, glabrous, with short peduncles, solitary or densely formed into axillary cymes. The drupe is oblong or long oval, 2-3.5 cm long, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, turns red to purple after ripening, and the mesocarp is fleshy, thick and sweet. Seeds are oblong, about 1 cm long and 8 mm wide.


Jujube are rich in vitamin C and vitamin P. A foreign clinical study showed that patients who ate dates continuously recovered more than 3 times faster than patients who only ate vitamins. Therefore, jujube has the reputation of "natural vitamin pill". In addition to fresh food, it can often be made into candied dates, red dates, smoked dates, black dates, wine dates, tooth dates and other candied fruits and preserved fruits. It can also be used as date paste, date noodles, date wine, date vinegar, etc. as raw materials for the food industry.

Growth environment of Da Zao

Da Zao likes dry and cool climate, likes light, is cold-resistant, drought-tolerant, and saline-alkali tolerant. It can withstand a low temperature of -31.3°C and a high temperature of 39.3°C. It can be planted on sunny and dry hillsides, hills, wasteland, plains and roadsides. It is most suitable for cultivation in broken soil or sandy loam, and is not suitable for low-lying waterlogged land. It is generally cultivated.

Da Zao is distributed all over the country. It is produced in most parts of the country, mainly in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places.

Main value of Da Zao


Da zao chinese herb can often be made into candied dates, red dates, smoked dates, black dates, wine dates, tooth dates and other candied fruits and preserved fruits. It can also be used as date paste, date noodles, date wine, date vinegar, etc., as raw materials for the food industry.
Trees can be used for carving, making cars, boats, and making musical instruments. The highest annual output of red dates in China is 368,000 tons, and a large number of Chinese red dates and series of processed products are exported every year to develop the economy and increase trade.


Da Zao can be eaten fresh, and the fruit of Da Zao is sweet and rich in vitamin C and P. Da Zao can be said to be a very good fruit. Eating Da Zao can nourish blood, lower blood pressure and enhance human immunity. At the same time, Da Zao also contains a lot of vitamins, various trace elements and sugar. Studies have shown that it has certain effects on liver protection, calming the nerves.
Fresh Da Zao is richer in vitamin content, but it is seasonal and cannot be bought frequently, and eating more may damage digestive function. Although the vitamin content of dried dates decreases, the iron content increases, and its nutrients are more easily absorbed.


Da Zao can be used for medicine. It has the effects of nourishing the stomach, invigorating the spleen, benefiting blood, nourishing and strengthening the body. Both the kernel and the root of Da Zao can be used as medicine.
Da Zao leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, roots, thorns and wood can be used as medicine. Modern chemical analysis shows that Da Zao fruit, in particular, contains 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, P and niacin, especially vitamin C and vitamin P are extremely rich, and it has "natural vitamin pills". It is said that the medical value is the earliest research in China and the most widely used.


The branches and stems of Da Zao trees are strong, the green leaves hang down, and there are many vermilion seeds. It is suitable for scattered planting or planting in patches in gardens and roadsides. It is also a good tree species for combined production. Its old roots and ancient trunks can be used as stump bonsai.

Processing methods of Da Zao

Da Zao is harvested when the fruit is ripe in autumn, and it is generally picked and sun-dried. Choose a dry plot to set up a frame and spread the mat foil, and spread the jujubes on the mat foil in different grades to dry. When the water content of the Da Zao drops below 15%, the foil can be combined, and then uncovered and ventilated every few days. When the water content drops to 10%, it can be stored. The Da Zao peel is thin and contains a lot of water, so it is dried in the shade. You can also choose suitable varieties and process them into black dates.

Da Zao TCM

Medicine part

Dried ripe fruit.


Sweet, warm.


Return spleen, stomach warp.


It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, calming the mind, regulating camp and health, and medicinal properties.


Weakness of the spleen and stomach, deficiency of qi and blood, lack of food and loose stools, lassitude, palpitations and insomnia, women's visceral irritability, disharmony between camp and health, etc.

Medicinal properties

The fruit is slightly oval or oval, about 2 to 3.5 cm long and 1.5 to 2.5 cm in diameter. The surface is dark red, shiny, with irregular wrinkles. There is a deep dimple at one end of the fruit, a short and thin fruit stalk in the middle, and a small protrusion at the other end. The exocarp is thin, and the mesocarp is soft, spongy, yellow-brown. The fruit core is spindle-shaped, hard, with sharp ends, and the surface is dark red. The gas is weak and the taste is sweet. It is better to have red color, thick flesh, plump, small core and sweet taste.


Oral administration: decoct, 3-6 qian; or mash to make pills. External application: decocted for washing or burned into powder for application.


It is not suitable for those with damp phlegm, stagnation, dental disease and insect disease.

Da Zao benefits

Da Zao is a tonic medicine, mainly to invigorate the Qi of the spleen and stomach. Its effects mainly include the following aspects:

1. Da Zao has the functions of nourishing the middle and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and calming the nerves, so for spleen deficiency, lack of food, weak stools and thin stools, and women with symptoms such as dirty and dry, Da Zao has a good nourishing effect.

2. Da Zao has a hepatoprotective effect and can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase.

3. Da Zao can improve immunity and has anti-allergic effects.

4. Da Zao can prevent some cerebral insufficiency, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

5. Da Zao also has some other health effects, such as beauty, anti-aging, improving sleep, preventing hair loss and so on.

Da Zao side effects 

1. Women with dry and hot constitution are not suitable to drink Da Zao water during menstruation, which will cause menorrhagia.

2. It is not suitable for people with abdominal distension to drink Da Zao water, the more they drink, the worse the swelling will become.

3. Da Zao is rich in sugar, so they are not suitable for diabetics, otherwise they will easily lead to elevated blood sugar.

4. Do not eat too much Da Zao, otherwise it will damage the digestive function and cause constipation.

How to take Da Zao?


Soak  in water

Nourish liver and detoxify: A detail of Da Zao brewing determines its efficacy. Da Zao peels are tough and difficult to digest. If the whole Da Zao is brewed, it will be difficult to dissolve its active ingredients completely, so it is best to break them apart before brewing.
It should also be noted that fresh Da Zaos should not be brewed or decocted. This is because its vitamin C content is very high, and boiling it in hot water will seriously destroy vitamin C.


Da Zao soup

The name of a traditional Chinese medicine prescription. From Volume 8 of "Essential Prescriptions for Preparing for Emergencies". It has the effects of invigorating temperature and yang, dispelling cold and dredging collaterals. Indications calendar pain.

Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

The name of a traditional Chinese medicine prescription. As a tranquilizer, it has the effects of nourishing the mind and calming the nerves, and neutralizing the emergency. Indications dirty restlessness. Symptoms include mental trance, often sad and crying, involuntary, disturbed in the heart, restless sleep, and even abnormal speech and behavior, frequent yawns, pale red tongue with little coating, and thready and rapid pulse. Clinically, it is often used to treat hysteria, climacteric syndrome, neurasthenia, and infantile night crying, etc., which belong to the deficiency of heart yin and the imbalance of liver qi.


Soothe the nerves and help sleep: According to traditional Chinese medicine, women have symptoms such as manic depression, restlessness, etc., and appropriate amount of lily and lotus seeds can be used for conditioning with Da Zao. If it is cooked with millet, it can better exert the effect of Da Zao to soothe the nerves.

Soak in wine

The blood vessels are smooth: During the soaking process of Da Zao, the nutrient-rich organic matter is more likely to dissolve in the wine. It has a certain effect on maintaining blood vessel patency.

Boiled with eggs

Nourish blood and nourish skin: Use Da Zao and longan to boil brown sugar water, and when the Da Zaos are rotten and longan soft, beat an egg; continue to boil the eggs over low heat.
Da Zao, longan and brown sugar all have the effect of nourishing blood, and boiled eggs are very nourishing.

How to choose Da Zao?



Da Zao with better quality are purplish red, and the color is darker, a bit like the color of red wine. And the color is relatively uniform and shiny, and it is rare to have a dark piece and a light piece. However, most of Da Zao with lower quality are dark red, the surface luster is not obvious, the color is uneven, and some surfaces are black. Sometimes the uneven color of Da Zao may be caused by too long storage time or insects. We should pay attention to avoid these two kinds of Da Zao when selecting.


Good Da Zao are generally uniform, round, oval or spherical in shape, with fine and shallow wrinkles on the surface and no damage. Inferior Da Zao are uneven in size, and the fruit that loses more surface water is shriveled, with deeper wrinkles on the top, and sometimes damage.


There are also differences between good-quality Da Zao and poor-quality Da Zao when cut. When high-quality Da Zao are cut, most of them have relatively neat cut surfaces, small date pits, thick jujube flesh, and moderate elasticity. It usually doesn't get stuck in the throat when you eat it. Inferior Da Zao generally shrink a little bit, and the cut surface looks dry and loose after cutting. The jujube pit is larger, and the jujube meat is rough, and sometimes it will get stuck in the throat when eating.


The quality of Da Zao directly affects its taste. Generally speaking, high-quality Da Zao taste sweet and have a good taste. However, Da Zao with poor quality taste dry and not tender, the taste is not very good, the sweetness is not enough or has a sour taste, and sometimes residues will be left on the teeth after eating. There are also some low-quality Da Zao, which have a strange taste.


Good Da Zao feel solid to the touch, the flesh is tender, and the surface is smooth but not rough. The Da Zao with lower quality are generally soft to the touch, and sometimes feel a little rough.

How to buy Da Zao?

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