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Ba Ji Tian

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What is Ba Ji Tian?

Ba Ji Tian (scientific name: Morinda officinalis) is a plant of the family Cyperaceae, Bacopa monniera. Vine; fleshy roots do not locate intestinal constrictions, root flesh slightly purple-red, dried purple-blue; shoots are coarse hairs of varying length. Leaves thin or slightly thick, papery, brown when dry, oblong, ovate-oblong, or obovate-oblong. Inflorescences 3-7 umbellate arranged at the top of branches; peduncles 5-10 mm long, pubescent; heads with 4-10 flowers; styles extrastaminal, stigma oblong or style included, stigma not dilated, bifid or bifid, ovary (2-)3(-4)-locular, 1 ovule per locule, inserted on the lower part of the septum. Polygamous drupes develop from multiple or single flowers, red when ripe, oblate or subglobose, 5-11 mm in diameter; drupes with mericarps (2-)3(-4); mericarps trigonous, outer side curved and arched, covered with trichomes, inner side with 1 seed, with very short stipe; seeds black when ripe, slightly trigonous, glabrous. May-July, fruit ripening in Oct-Nov.

Growth environment of Ba Ji Tian

Ba Ji Tian is distributed in China and the central and southern peninsula; in China, it is distributed in tropical and subtropical areas of Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, and other provinces. It grows in sparse and dense forests and thickets in mountains, often climbing on shrubs or tree trunks and is also cited as a species. Adaptable, like a warm climate, sunny, avoid dry and waterlogged, to well-drained, loose soil, rich in humus more sandy loam or loamy soil is good. Clay soil does not grow well. The thick soil layer grows well.

Cultivation Techniques of Ba Ji Tian


Radix morindae officinalis

Land selection and preparation

Sandy loam soil with a lot of humus is preferred. In autumn, dig out the shrubs on the slope with their roots and burn them into grass ash on the spot, then turn the land deeply about 27cm-33cm. The following spring, the land is plowed and harrowed once more before planting, and terraces of 0.7-1 m wide are made, with the plants spaced 60-70 cm apart and 15 cm deep holes dug for planting. Or thin the shrubs and remove the dead branches before planting, and partially reclaim the land in the forest and dig the holes for planting.

Field management

Planting barberry is generally rougher, management is mostly combined with intercropping. No fall is root propagation or cuttings propagation, are required to keep the field wet often, in order to facilitate survival, and to be alive after less watering, but pay attention to drainage after the rain. In early spring, weeding diligently. Bacopa monniera likes fertilizer, after planting the following spring 1500 kg per mu of soil fertilizer, open ditch in between the rows. Can also apply ammonium sulfate 10-5 kg mixed with calcium superphosphate 20 kg. If the branches are too much and too strong, you can cut off part of them, leaving only 3-5 main vines. Because more branches, flowering, and fruiting consume nutrients and affect the growth of the root block. Winter is appropriate to cultivate the soil over the winter, the next year, the stem grows more and lush. And must prohibit grazing to prevent livestock damage.

Harvesting and processing

Ba Ji Tian can be harvested after 6-7 years of planting. After digging, the fleshy roots are removed, washed, and dried in the sun until they are fifty to sixty percent dry, then gently beaten with a wooden stick and dried until they are completely dry. The ones that don't draw the wood heart are unified goods. Soak through with hot water, while hot to draw off the wood heart, and cut, for the barberry meat.

How to reproduce Ba Ji Tian?


Planted between Qingming and the rainy season. Choose 2-3-year-old sturdy vine stems, remove the too-tender and old parts, and then cut the spike about 25 cm long. Each spike must have 3 nodes - 4 nodes (both ends and must have nodes). Cuttings depth of about 15 cm, each hole inserted 2-3 branches, inserted after covered with fine soil, trampling, watering. This method 5-7 years to harvest, so more than in the barberry on both sides of the inter-planting cassava, ginger, and other crops.

Root head

Harvesting barberry, using the original seedling root head (with residual roots and part of the vine stems) planted in the whole ground, compacted, and watered. This method can be harvested in 4 - 5 years.

Types of Ba Ji Tian

Raw Bacopa monnieraRaw Ba Ji Tian is good at nourishing the liver and kidneys, dispelling wind and dampness, mostly used for kidney deficiency and wind and dampness evidence, such as wind and cold back pain, walking difficult, foot edema, muscle atrophy and weakness.
Salt bacopa monnieraSalt Baji Tian efficacy specifically into the kidney, warm but not dry, tonic kidney Yang function is stronger, long-term use without harming the Yin disadvantage, commonly used in the kidney yuan deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation, waist and knee weakness, uterine cold infertility, frequent urination.
Baji Tian (licorice system)Preparation of Baji Tian (licorice system) to strengthen the tonic effect, and more with the kidney to help Yang, benefit Qi and blood formula, suitable for spleen and kidney deficiency, chest shortage, waist and leg pain, body heavy weakness.

Processing methods of Ba Ji Tian

a. Remove impurities.

b. Bajai meat. Take the net Ba Ji Tian, according to the steaming method (Appendix II D) steamed through, and remove the wood heart while hot, cut, and dry.

c. Salt Baji Tian. Take the net Ba Ji Tian. According to the salt steaming method (Appendix II D) steamed through, and remove the wood heart while hot, cut, and dry.

d. Preparation of Ba Ji Tian. Take licorice, pound, add water decoction, and dregs. Add the net Ba Ji Tian mix. According to the cooking method (Appendix II D) boil through, and remove the wood heart while hot, cut, and dry.

Ba Ji Tian benefits


Radix morindae officinalis benefits

Ba Ji Tian is a Chinese herb that can be used to tonify the kidney and yang, as well as to strengthen the muscles and bones and dispel rheumatism.

a. Tonic kidney yang. Ba Ji Tian needs to choose the dried as part of the medicine, which will contain methyl iso xanthin-1-methyl ether, rhodopsin methyl ether, manganese, iron, and chromium 23 elements, but also has a relatively strong medicinal value, after taking through the physician's guidance, can promote their own impotence has been improved, so used to supplement the kidney, Yang.

b. Strengthen the tendons and bones. Bacopa monniera will contain relatively more nutrients, including mannose, and tetraacetylchelerythrine, these nutrients in the body, can play a strengthening effect on their own bones so that their bones are stronger.

c. Dispel rheumatism. The effect of Ba Ji Tian drug is relatively significant, you can also soak it in wine for several 10 days, and after the effect of the medicine, you can use alcohol to apply and rheumatism parts can promote rheumatism parts of the evil Qi discharge is conducive to the improvement of rheumatism symptoms.

Although the effect of bacopa monniera drug is relatively significant, but need to pay attention to, if the Yin deficiency fire patients are prohibited to take, to avoid the impact on their health, but also need not eat too spicy food during the use of the drug, to avoid affecting the efficacy of the drug.

Ba Ji Tian side effects

Ba Ji Tian is a kind of herbal medicine used to treat male diseases.

Compared to western medicine, it has fewer side effects. But as the saying goes, medicine is three times toxic, its side effects are able to play a certain irritation of the human stomach, gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms may be more obvious when people take this drug, resulting in loss of appetite, appetite decline, and in serious cases may cause gastric ulcers. Even some other diseases of the body may cause gastric ulcers in serious cases.

If a large amount of this drug is taken, it may also increase the burden on the liver and cause some damage to the liver, so be sure to follow the doctor's instructions to take this drug in moderation.

How to choose Ba Ji Tian?

a. Large, fat, pearl-shaped, thick flesh, purple color is better.

b. Choose a merchant with complete qualifications. The packaging is printed with the trademark, manufacturer's address, approval number, factory date and other product information is complete.

How to buy Ba Ji Tian?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Ba Ji Tian herb, if you are interested in Ba Ji Tian, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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