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Du Zhong Tea

Post by Mr. Liang on February 16, 2023, Category: Chinese Herbal Tea 

What is du zhong tea?

Du zhong tea or du zhong cha, also name as eucommia bark tea.

Du zhong tea is a healthy drink made from the leaves of du zhong through traditional tea processing and Chinese herbal medicine processing methods. It tastes slightly bitter and sweet. Regular drinking is beneficial to health, and drinking a cup before going to bed has high health value, without any side effects, and is convenient to drink.

Generally speaking, duzhong can be harvested when the leaves are beginning to grow, when the growth is the most vigorous, when the buds are about to open, or when the flowers are in full bloom and the fruit seeds are still ripe, to make eucommia bark tea, and the quality of du zhong tea is the highest.

Materials of Du Zhong Tea

Du zhong, also known as Eucommia ulmoides, silk skin, pull silk skin, silk cotton skin, jade silk skin, Sizhong, etc., is a deciduous tree. Du zhong is a unique and rare tree species in my country with high economic value.

The leaves of du zhong are oval shape, with a length of 7-375px and a width of 3.5-175px. The surface is yellow-green or yellowish-brown, slightly shiny. Apices acuminate, base rounded to form a wide cuneate, margin serrate, with short petiole. It is brittle and easily broken when rubbed. There is a small amount of silver-white rubber threads connected on the broken surface. The taste is slightly bitter.

Place of origin


Yunnan, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Zhangjiajie and Xuefeng Mountains in Hunan, Shennongjia in Hubei, Luoyang in Henan and other places, Zhejiang has also introduced species in recent years.

Story of Du Zhong Tea

According to ancient Chinese records, there was a doctor named du zhong in ancient times. One day he went to the mountains to collect herbs and came across a tree with many white silk "muscles and bones" in the bark. He thought, if people eat these "muscles and bones", will they be as strong and strong as a tree? So, decided to try. A few days later, not only did I have no adverse reactions, but I felt refreshed, and my waist and legs felt relaxed. He took it for a period of time, and a miracle happened. He was not only light and healthy, but also had black hair, and became a fairy after enlightenment. After people knew this plant, they called it "Sixian" and "Sizhong", and later simply called it "Du Zhong".

In recent years, experts at home and abroad have repeatedly and meticulously studied the components of Duzhong. Du zhong has very few free amino acids and contains a small amount of protein. It is a complete protein similar to most foods, that is, it can be hydrolyzed to detect 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. Experts have also determined 15 mineral elements contained in du zhong, including trace elements such as zinc, copper, and iron, and macroelements such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and muscles, removing garbage in the body, strengthening the metabolism of human cell substances, preventing musculoskeletal aging, balancing human blood pressure, decomposing cholesterol in the body, reducing body fat, restoring blood vessel elasticity, diuresis and clearing away heat, broad-spectrum antibacterial, stimulating the central nervous system, Improve the number of white blood cells, enhance human immunity and other significant effects.

Du zhong tea benefits

1. Protect the liver and nourish the kidney

"Compendium of Materia Medica" written by Li Shizhen, a famous ancient Chinese medical scientist, records that "Du zhong can enter the liver and kidney, invigorate the vital energy, strengthen the muscles and bones, strengthen the will, cure kidney deficiency and low back pain, take long-term use, lighten the body and endure old age", Duzhong lists It has a history of more than 2,000 years as the top grade of traditional Chinese medicine.

Aucubin in Eucommia male flowers has obvious liver-protecting activity, can promote the regeneration of liver cells, can significantly inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus DNA, and can promote the accumulation of glycogen in the liver, increase blood sugar content, and protect the liver. At the same time, scientific research has proved that the chemical composition of Eucommia leaves, and bark is basically the same, and Eucommia leaves, and bark have basically the same efficacy in terms of pharmacological effects. Contains excitatory pituitary gland, adrenal cortex system, continuous enhancement of adrenal cortex function (secretion of steroid hormones), and improvement of sexual function. Therefore, it has a good effect on impotence, nocturnal emission and deficiency of kidney qi.

2. Reduce blood pressure and fat

Various active ingredients contained in du zhong male flowers, such as pinoresinol diglucoside, myrtle, chlorogenic acid, and polysaccharides, have the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood fat. Experiments have proved that the effective rate is over 92%, and the blood pressure can be lowered for a long time without any side effects.

3. Enhance immunity

The polysaccharide active substances rich in male flowers of duzhong can enhance the body's immunity and have the function of bidirectionally regulating the cellular immune function, so that the immune function of the human body is always in a good state. At the same time, it participates in the regulation of cardiovascular, which is very beneficial to maintain human health.

4. To facilitate urination

It is effective in treating constipation. The aucubin in du zhong tea has diuretic, laxative, and enhanced intestinal peristalsis effects, and is effective for constipation. Because organic eucommia tea can effectively remove waste from the body, decompose cholesterol and solid fat, some sensitive constitutions may even have a small amount of loose stool at the beginning, and it will be normal after removing part of the waste in the body and adapting. Therefore, it is recognized as a good drink for constipation and obesity, which can relieve constipation, reduce fat, and stabilize blood pressure. In addition, it is also good for diuresis.

5. Soothe the nerves and nourish sleep

The natural active ingredients of Eucommia male flowers have calming, calming and analgesic effects, and long-term use can significantly improve sleep. This is especially suitable for patients who are not suitable for drinking due to insomnia.

The essential collagen contained in Eucommia male flowers has the effect of promoting muscular development and strengthening. Its active ingredients lignans have a very obvious anti-fatigue effect, which has a significant effect on people who have been engaged in indoor work for a long time and lack exercise.

6. Beauty benefits

The aging of the skin is mainly caused by the loss of elasticity of the collagen protein between the dermal cells under the skin. The natural active ingredients contained in Eucommia male flower can delay the aging of the original protein, accelerate the metabolism of collagen protein, and improve the synthesis ability of collagen protein, thereby preventing or Delay skin wrinkling and aging, increase skin luster.

At the same time, taking Eucommia for a long time can promote blood circulation and metabolic function, promote the activation of brain cells, and prevent senile dementia.

7. Improve obesity

Taking du zhong continuously for more than one month can significantly reduce the neutral fat and content in the subcutaneous and visceral areas of the human body and prevent obesity and lose weight without exercising or changing diet. Eucommia can promote the metabolism of collagen protein, which has the function of connecting cells and cells, and accelerate the synthesis of other proteins to consume energy in the body, thereby naturally reducing the neutral fat accumulated in the body. According to relevant weight loss data, taking du zhong for a month can reduce weight by 1.5~2.0kg.

Where to buy du zhong tea?

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