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Ban Lan Gen

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What is Ban Lan Gen?

Ban Lan Gen, which is also called Radix isatidis, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the dry root of Isatis indigotica Fort., a cruciferous plant. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and relieving sore throat. Indications for fever due to exogenous pathogenic factors, early onset of febrile disease, sore throat, plaques caused by febrile toxins, mumps, erysipelas, carbuncles and sores.

Radix isatidis

Radix isatidis is bitter, cold and clear, enters the heart, liver, and stomach meridian, and has strong medicinal power. It is good at clearing heart, liver and stomach heat and poison, and is better than cooling blood and relieving sore throat.
It is an essential medicine for sore throat, erysipelas, and mumps, especially good at treating sore throat and facial erysipelas (big head plague).

Types of Ban Lan Gen

The types of Ban Lan Gen are woad, small fruit woad, three-ribbed woad, European woad, and Ma Lan. People are generally divided into two types: northern Ban Lan Gen and southern Ban Lan Gen.


Woad, which is also called Isatis tinctoria, cruciferous, is a biennial herb. Woad is generally grows in humid places in mountainous forests. She has strong adaptability, is not strict with the natural environment and soil, is cold-resistant, likes warmth, and is a deep-rooted plant. It is more suitable for planting in deep loose and fertile sandy loam soil.

Small fruit woad

Ban Lan Gen is an annual herb belonging to the genus Isatis in the cruciferous family. Grows with dune bottoms.

Three-ribbed woad

Three-ribbed woad, Brassicaceae, Isatis genus, annual or biennial herb. Born on the hillside.

European woad

European woad is a species under the genus Isatis cruciferae, which is the original variety and a biennial herb. This species is native to Europe and is now cultivated all over China.

Ma Lan

Wen Daqing, also known as Ma Lan, is the above-ground part or root of the Acanthaceae plant Golden Foot Grass. Golden Foot Grass is a perennial herb. Growing in forest margins on hillsides or in damp places beside streams in valleys.

Southern Ban Lan Gen

Southern Ban Lan Gen is the root and stem of Malan, with a light smell. Not contain sinaprin. Southern Ban Lan Gen is approximately cylindrical in shape, and usually has a light taste during the tasting process, and the chemical components inside are relatively a bit less.

Northern Ban Lan Gen

Northern Ban Lan Gen is the dried root of Isatis indigo, with a slightly sweet and bitter smell. Contains sinigrin, indigo, indirubin, etc. Northern Ban Lan Gen is cylindrical, and the taste of the medicine itself is relatively light. Generally, in the process of tasting, it may be You will also taste a slightly sweet and bitter taste, and the free amino acids in it are relatively high.

Growth environment of Ban Lan Gen

Ban Lan Gen grows on hillsides, fields, beside roads or on hillsides. It is suitable for growth and development in relatively dry environments, and has strong adaptability to geographical environment and soil layers. It is low temperature resistant, warm-loving, and is a deep-rooted plant. It does not have strict requirements on the geographical environment and soil quality. It can also be planted on the ground in mountainous areas and hilly terrains, but it grows better in sandy soils that are loose, fertile, and well drained.

Ban Lan Gen is mainly produced in Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places.

Processing methods of Ban Lan Gen

Ban Lan Gen is used as medicine with root and leaf, and its root is Ban Lan Gen, and leaf is Da Qing Ye.

Harvest Da Qing Ye

Harvest Da Qing Ye in the middle and late August, and you can harvest 400~500kg of fresh leaves per mu. It should be harvested from the base of the plant 2cm above the ground, and when it is 70% to 80% dry in the sun, tie it into small bundles and continue to dry until it is completely dry.

Harvest Ban Lan Gen

Before the first ten days of October freezes, when the stems and leaves on the ground are withered, dig out the roots, harvest 300~500kg of fresh roots per mu, remove the soil and stems and leaves, wash them, and when they are 70% to 80% dry, tie them into small bundles and dry them until All dry.

Ban Lan Gen TCM

Medicine part

Dried roots.


Bitter in the mouth, cold in nature.


Guixin, Stomach Meridian.


Heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, cooling blood, relieving sore throat.


Exogenous fever, febrile disease at the onset, sore throat, febrile toxin rash, mumps, erysipelas, carbuncle and sore.

Related compatibility

(1) To treat exogenous wind-heat or early febrile disease, fever, headache and sore throat, it can be used alone, or with honeysuckle, nepeta and other medicines for evacuating wind-heat, puffball, and burdock are equally used.

(2) To treat febrile diseases, spots and rashes, dark purple tongue, it is often used together with habitat, comfrey, and scutellaria baicalensis, such as Shenxi Dan ("Warm Jingwei"); if it is used to treat erysipelas, mumps, and big head for those with plague, head and face redness, and bad throat, it is often combined with Scrophulariaceae, Forsythia, Burdock, etc., such as Puji Xiaoxiaoyin ("Dongyuan Shixiaofang").


Decoction, 9-15g.


Contraindicated for those who are physically deficient without excess heat, heat and poison, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should use it with caution.

Ban Lan Gen benefits

1. Ban Lan Gen root is bitter and cold, enters the heart and stomach meridians, is good at clearing excess heat and fire toxins, has the power of clearing away heat and detoxification similar to that of Folium Isatidis, and is better at detoxifying throat and resolving stagnation.

2. Ban Lan Gen has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and reducing swelling, and is mainly used to treat various symptoms of plague and heat.

3. The antiviral glycoprotein contained in Ban Lan Gen can effectively inhibit bacteria and have antiviral effects.

Ban Lan Gen side effects 

The side effects of Ban Lan Gen include dizziness, vertigo, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, and cumulative poisoning.

1. Ban Lan Gen is generally used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat colds, clear away detoxify and heat. Because it is an antidote, many people think that Ban Lan Gen is non-toxic, but Radix isatidis is a drug after all. If it is used in large doses for a long time, it may also cause cumulative poisoning when the detoxification ability of the liver declines, and symptoms of digestive system and hematopoietic system may occur. Damage, such as upper gastrointestinal bleeding, leukopenia, etc.

2. Some people also have allergic reactions to Ban Lan Gen, mainly manifested as dizziness, vertigo, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, etc. In severe cases, blood pressure drops and anaphylactic shock may occur. If the rescue is not timely, it may also be life-threatening. Therefore, such people should try to avoid using Ban Lan Gen.

3. In addition, children's liver function is not yet fully developed, and their detoxification ability is also insufficient, and the dosage of children's medicines is not easy to control. So children are more likely to experience side effects. Once side effects occur, the drug should be stopped immediately and rushed to the hospital.

How to take Ban Lan Gen?

1. When taking Ban Lan Gen decoction orally, the usual dosage is 9-15g.

2. For external use of Ban Lan Gen, take an appropriate amount of Ban Lan Gen decocted juice and apply it to the affected area, or take appropriate amount of Ban Lan Gen and mash it for juice.

3. Ban Lan Gen is generally put into decoction, decocted for consumption, and can also be made into powder or pill for consumption. However, the use of Chinese medicinal materials must be based on syndrome differentiation and treatment, and should be used under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners, and should not be used at will, let alone listen to traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and advertisements.

4. In addition, Ban Lan Gen can also be used for daily health care, and the common consumption methods are as follows:
Soak in water: Soaking Ban Lan Gen in water can relieve symptoms such as sore throat, but it cannot be drunk for a long time.

5. Note: People with weak constitutions should determine the dosage and time under the guidance of a doctor when taking it, and do not take it by themselves.

Ban Lan Gen uses


Ban Lan Gen Keli

Ban Lan Gen Keli benefits

Heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, cooling blood and relieving sore throat. It is used for sore throat, dry mouth and throat, swelling of the cheeks caused by excessive heat in the lung and stomach; acute tonsillitis and parotitis see the above syndromes.

Ban Lan Gen Tea

Ban Lan Gen Tea benefits

Clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and relieving sore throat. It is used for sore throat and dry mouth and throat caused by excessive heat in the lung and stomach; acute tonsillitis sees the above syndromes.

Fufang Ban Lan Gen Keli

Fufang Ban Lan Gen Keli benefits

It has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying and cooling blood, and can be used for anemopyretic cold, sore throat and other diseases. Both Ban Lan Gen and Da Qing Ye have the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying and cooling blood. Among them, Ban Lan Gen is good at clearing heat and relieving sore throat, while Da Qing Ye is good at cooling blood and eliminating plaques. The combination of these two medicines has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, cooling blood and eliminating plaques.

How to choose Ban Lan Gen?

1. Good Ban Lan Gen is uniform, not easy to break, and the size of the particles is the same. If there is fading, it proves to be fake. Remember, it will dissolve easily and quickly.

2. The real Ban Lan Gen has a standard size and production date, so when choosing, check whether the standard size is clear and whether the production date is correct. In this way, you will be at ease during use.

3. Generally, Ban Lan Gen will have detailed descriptions, such as ingredients, content, and the consumption amount of people or children who are forbidden to eat, etc., so if the information is incomplete, it is false.

How to buy Ban Lan Gen?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Ban Lan Gen, if you are interested in Ban Lan Gen, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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