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Fan Xie Ye

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What is Fan Xie Ye?

Fan Xie Ye, which is also called Senna leaves or Folium sennae, synonymous with Zhana leaves, diarrhea leaves, and bubble bamboo leaves, are derived from the leaflets of leguminous plants Senna angustifolia or Senna acuminate. As a stimulant laxative, it stimulates intestinal peristalsis through the intestinal mucosa and nerves. It is a strong drug and it is recommended to use it as little as possible. Acts on the colon and generally takes effect within a few hours.

Senna leaves

Senna leaves are bitter, cold, clearing and settling, sweet in taste, sticky and smooth, and enter the large intestine meridian. A large amount (greater than 3g) can purify heat and laxative, guide water to remove damp heat and poison, and promote water to reduce edema; a small amount (less than 3g) can help digestion and eliminate accumulated food. The function is similar to that of rhubarb, and it has a strong ability to expel heat and clear the intestines. It is better than smoothing the large intestine.

Types of Fan Xie Ye

Narrow leaf Fan Xie Ye

The leaflets are mostly complete and flat. Oval-lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, 2-6cm long, 0.4-1.5cm wide; main vein prominent, leaf apex protruding into pointed, entire, base slightly asymmetrical, yellow-green above, light yellow-green below. There are thin hairs on both sides, the main veins on the lower surface are prominent, and the veins are feathery.
Leaves leathery. The gas is weak and specific, and the taste is slightly bitter and sticky.

Pointed leaf Fan Xie Ye

The leaflets are broadly lanceolate or long ovate, 2-4cm long, 0.7-1.2cm wide; the tip of the leaf is pointed or slightly convex, the whole line, the base of the leaf is asymmetrical, the upper part is light green, the lower part is gray-green, slightly short-haired. The texture is thin and brittle, slightly leathery.
Ditto for the smell. It is better to have large, complete leaves, green color, few stems, and no sediment impurities.

Growth environment of Fan Xie Ye

Fan Xie Ye is native to hot and dry regions. It only takes 3-5 months from sowing to flowering and fruiting. The average temperature suitable for growth should be 180-200 days with an average temperature lower than 10°C, and the accumulated temperature during this period should not be less than 4000-4500°C. In Yuanjiang County, Yunnan Province, which is relatively hot and dry in China, the annual average temperature is 23.8°C and the annual rainfall is 484.7mm. The introduced species grows well. The soil requires loose, well-drained alluvial soil or sandy soil, and the soil is slightly neutral or acidic.

Narrow leaf Fan Xie Ye

Narrow leaf Fan Xie Ye is produced in the tropics, in the offshore and islands of East Africa, in southern Arabia, and in northwestern and southern India.

Pointed leaf Fan Xie Ye

Pointed leaf Fan Xie Ye is produced in the Nile River Basin in tropical Africa. Now Guangdong, Hainan and Yunnan have been introduced and cultivated from abroad.

Processing methods of Fan Xie Ye

Take the original medicinal materials, remove the branches, orange leaves and impurities, and sieve to remove dust.

Fan Xie Ye TCM

Medicine part

The dried leaves of the plant.


Sweet, bitter, cold, slightly poisonous.


Return to the large intestine channel.


Purging heat stagnation, laxative, diuresis.


Used for stagnation of heat knots, edema and fullness, constipation and abdominal pain.


2 ~ 6g, it should be taken after decoction, or soaked in boiled water.


1. Contraindicated for physically weak and pregnant women.
2. "New Ginseng of Decoction Pieces": It should not be used for people with diarrhea due to moderate cold.


Avoid light, store in a ventilated and dry place.


1. Excessive dosage The laxative effect of senna leaves varies from person to person. Some people take 10 grams and have no laxative effect and no adverse reactions. But some people take 10 grams and cause gastrointestinal bleeding, manifested as abdominal pain and melena. Therefore, the conventional dosage should also be tried with a small dose first, and gradually increase the dosage. Excessive dosage can cause nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness, unsteady walking, facial numbness, etc. can be seen. Generally, it should not be more than 2 grams for laxative and not more than 6 grams for severe diarrhea.

2. Incorrect medicine: Senna leaf is cold in nature, and it can hurt the righteousness at the same time, so it is not suitable for people with physical deficiency and fluid deficiency and long-term constipation. It can be seen clinically that some elderly patients have self-administered senna leaf for catharsis for a long time. Although the abdominal gas is unobstructed for a while, it is not a cure for the root cause, and it will aggravate the deficiency of qi and yin, which is not conducive to fundamentally solving the symptoms of constipation. At this time, it should be mixed with cistanche, cynomorium, hemp seed, rehmannia and other products that nourish the kidney, nourish yin, and moisten the lower body, and use a small amount of Fan Xie Ye to slow down, and gradually withdraw the Fan Xie Ye.

3. Women who are breast-feeding, menstruating and pregnant women should not use it. If the dose is too large, side effects such as nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting may occur.

Fan Xie Ye benefits

1. Fan Xie Ye is cold in nature and belongs to the large intestine meridian. It has the effect of purging heat, guiding stagnation and defecating. It has a certain conditioning effect on chest and abdomen fullness, stagnant abdominal distension, heat knot constipation and other diseases.

2. Fan Xie Ye can also play a diuretic effect, which can improve symptoms such as edema, fullness, and dysuria.

3. In addition, modern pharmacological studies have shown that the anthraquinone derivatives contained in Fan Xie Ye have antibacterial effects, and can inhibit Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria as well as skin fungi.

Fan Xie Ye side effects 

Malignant changes in blood pressure

Elderly patients may experience malignant changes in blood pressure after taking Fan Xie Ye, such as headache, frequent vomiting, sharp rise or drop in blood pressure, and even shock. Generally, after stopping taking the drug, calcium ion antagonists, such as nifedipine sustained-release tablets or controlled-release tablets, amlodipine and other drugs can be gradually restored.


Constipated patients who take Fan Xie Ye for a long time will have withdrawal symptoms after stopping the use, manifested as upset, insomnia, anxiety, and even pain or feeling of ants. In severe cases, mydriasis will also appear, hot flushes, anorexia, fever, rapid breathing, elevated blood pressure, weight loss and other symptoms.

Nervous system poisoning reaction

After taking the drug, the patient may experience nervous system poisoning reaction, mainly manifested as facial numbness, dizziness, incontinence or itching, and at the same time there will be varying degrees of pain in the distribution area of the trigeminal nerve. Pain. Symptoms usually improve after the drug is stopped.
Therefore, patients cannot take Fan Xie Ye for a long time. If necessary, they should choose to take the drug strictly under the guidance of a doctor to avoid the above hazards.

How to take Fan Xie Ye?

Fan Xie Ye is usually taken in decoction, or it can be made into powder or pills. However, the use of Chinese herbal medicines must be based on syndrome differentiation and treatment, and should be used under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners, and should not be used at will, let alone listen to traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and advertisements.


Boil water in a pot, put in an appropriate amount of Fan Xie Ye after the water boils, cook on low heat for ten minutes, and then drink the juice.

Taken as powder or pill

Senna powder

Senna is a medicinal material commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly used for moistening the intestines and laxative. Some weight loss health products now often contain Senna. Senna powder can be obtained by drying and grinding it.

Soak in water

Take an appropriate amount of Fan Xie Ye, wash it, put it into a cup, add an appropriate amount of warm water, and drink it after soaking for five minutes.

Senna Tea

Senna Tea, the name of traditional Chinese medicine diet. From the "Chinese Pharmacy Encyclopedia", it is a medicinal diet formula for diarrhea. It has the effect of purging and guiding stagnation. It is suitable for stagnant constipation or habitual constipation. Symptoms include dry stool, dry mouth and bad breath, red face and hot body, short red urine, upset, abdominal fullness or pain. In modern times, this product is commonly used to soak and take to clean the intestinal tract before X-ray abdominal imaging and abdominal surgery.

Senna leaf weight loss

Senna leaf is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which cannot achieve the effect of weight loss by itself, but drinking it in water can moisten the intestines and laxative, and prevent and treat constipation; it can also reduce the body’s absorption of energy substances, so it has a certain effect on weight loss. Auxiliary effect. But under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to use Fan Xie Ye to lose weight, because this method is easy to make the body dependent; and the use of Senna may cause diarrhea. If it is taken for a long time, it will cause the disturbance of the acid-base balance of water and electrolyte in the human body, and easily induce malnutrition.

How to choose Fan Xie Ye?

The true Fan Xie Ye

Viewed from the outside, the small leaves are mostly complete, occasionally twigs are mixed in, the petiole is 2 mm long, the leaves are long ovate-lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, 2-4.5 cm long, 4-15 mm wide, entire , with sharp thorns at the apex, slightly asymmetrical base, yellow-green leaf surface, light yellow-green leaf back, slightly hairy, protruding veins on the back of the leaf; leathery, slightly tough, with midrib left due to packing and pressure Horizontal oblique embossing; the smell is slightly and specific, and the taste is slightly bitter and slightly sticky.

The fake Fan Xie Ye: Ear leaf Fan Xie Ye

Oblong or obovate in appearance, blunt rounded or slightly concave at the apex, or with spikes, symmetrical or asymmetrical at the base, yellowish-gray-green to reddish-brown on the surface, gray-green on the lower surface, more hairy on both sides, main vein Prominent, with many and dense hairs at the base and small petioles; the taste is also bitter, but the smell is faint, without the specific taste of the real product.

How to buy Fan Xie Ye?

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