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Ge Gen

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1. What is Ge Gen?
    1.1 Morphological characteristics of Ge Gen
2. Growth environment of Ge Gen
3. How to reproduce Ge Gen?
4. Cultivation techniques of Ge Gen
5. Application of Ge Gen
    5.1 Ge Gen Tang
    5.2 Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang
    5.3 Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang
    5.4 Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang
    5.5 Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang
    5.6 Ge Gen Wan
    5.7 Ge Gen Tang Pian
6. How to buy Ge Gen?

What is Ge Gen?

Ge Gen is the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dried root of wild kudzu of the legume family and is customarily called wild kudzu. Harvested in autumn and winter, cut into thick slices or small pieces while fresh; dried. Sweet, pungent, cool. It relieves muscle and fever, permeates rash, generates body fluid to quench thirst, and raises Yang to stop diarrhea. Commonly used in treating episodes of fever, strong pain in the collar and back, impermeable measles, fever and thirst, Yin deficiency and thirst, febrile diarrhea and dysentery, and spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

Morphological characteristics of Ge Gen

Sturdy vine of Ge Gen, up to 8 m long, yellow hirsute throughout, woody at the stem base, with thick tuberous roots.

Gegen's pinnately compound leaves are 3-foliolate; stipules dorsifixed, ovate-oblong, linear; stipules linear-lanceolate, as long as or longer than petiolules; leaflets trifid, occasionally entire, terminal leaflet broadly ovate or obliquely ovate, 7-15(-19) cm long, 5-12(-18) cm wide, apex long acuminate, lateral leaflets obliquely ovate, slightly smaller, covered with yellowish, prostrate vegetable pilose above. Denser below; petiolules yellowish brown tomentose.

The racemes of Gen Ge are 15-30 cm long, with rather dense flowers above the middle; bracts linear-lanceolate to linear, much longer than the bracteoles, caducous; bracteoles ovate, less than 2 mm long; flowers 2-3 clustered at the nodes of the inflorescence axis; calyx campanulate, 8-10 mm long, yellow-brown pilose, lobes lanceolate, acuminate, slightly longer than the calyx tube; corolla 10-12 mm long, purple, flagellate obovate, base with 2 auricles and a yellow stiff crustaceous appendage, with a short petiole, pterygoid petals falcate, narrower than keel petals, base with linear, downward-pointing auricles, keel petals falcate oblong, base with very small, acute auricles; 1 stamen to flag petal free only distally; ovary linear, hairy.

Pods long ellipsoid, 5-9 cm long, 8-11 mm wide, flattened, covered with brown hirsute hairs. Sep-Oct, fr Nov-Dec.

Growth environment of Ge Gen

Ge Gen does not have strict climatic requirements and is highly adaptable, mostly distributed in warmer and wetter slopes, ravines, and sunny dwarf bushes below 1700 meters above sea level. A deep, loose, humus-rich sandy loam soil is preferred when planting.

How to reproduce Ge Gen?


Ge Gen herb

Seed propagation

Sow seeds in March-April. Seeds are soaked in water at 30-35℃ for 24 hours, taken out to dry the surface water, spot sown, dig shallow nests at a distance of 50-60cm between rows and plants, sow 4-5 seeds per nest, then apply human and animal manure water, and finally cover with 3-4cm thick fine soil.

Propagation by compression

When the summer growth is luxuriant, select strong branches, and use the wave or continuous compression method to bury the kudzu vine in the soil to make it rooted. After rooting, apply light human and animal manure water, diligently weed, and then cut into single plants before sprouting in early spring of the following year, dig up and plant. Before planting, open a hole at a distance of 50 cm between rows and plants, a hole diameter of 27 cm, 20 cm deep, filled with compost, covered with a thin layer of soil, 1-2 plants per hole, after planting, filled with fine on the pressure.

Propagation by cuttings

In early spring before sprouting, choose short nodes, and grow 1-2 years of sturdy kudzu vine, every 2-3 nodes are cut into a section, each hole cuttings 2-3, and the plug into the soil end to become a ring or semi-ring lying flat in the hole is good, into the soil depth of 10-15 cm, cover the pressure, and then cover a layer of loose soil, the upper end to leave a bud exposed to the soil, inserted in time after spraying water.

Roothead propagation

In the winter harvesting, cut off about 10 cm long root head of Ge Gen and plant directly.

Cultivation techniques of Ge Gen

Gen Ge

Land selection and preparation

Select a deep, loose, and fertile sandy loam. Turn 30-50 cm deep in winter to allow weathering for 2-3 months, and then rake and make borders until the following spring.

Field management

After the seedlings emerge, the seedlings should be inter-planted, leaving 1-2 strong seedlings in each hole; when the seedlings are 17 cm high, pillars or scaffolding should be set up to facilitate the extension of vines; when the seedlings are about 170 cm high, the project buds should be removed to promote branching. Weeding 2-3 times a year, each time after weeding, fertilizer, fertilizer to phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, stable fertilizer is preferred.

Pest control

a. Kill crickets by spraying with 80% dichlorvos emulsion 2000 times.

b. Use lights to trap, kill, or spray the foliage with 90% crystal trichlorfon 1000 times to control golden turtles.

Harvesting and processing

Ge Gen herb is harvested in 3-4 years of cultivation after the leaves wither in winter and before germination in spring. The first system to remove the whole vine, dig out the tuber, cut off the root for seed, remove the sediment, scrape off the coarse skin, cut into 1.5-2 cm thick diagonal pieces, or cut into 1.5-3 cm thick blocks after dissection, either directly sun-dried or dried, or can be soaked in salt water or rice water, and then sun-dried so that the color is whiter and better quality. Kudzu root to block fat, white, powder enough, less fiber for the best.

Application of Ge Gen

Ge Gen Tang

Ge Gen Tang is made by boiling Pueraria Mirifica, Ephedra, Cinnamomum, Paeonia, Glycyrrhiza, and Ginger, which has the function of generating sweat and relieving the muscles, generating the muscles and sparing the menstruation.

Indigents of Ge Gen Tang

Ge Gen12g
Ma Huang (remove knots)9g
Gui Zhi6g
Sheng Jiang9g
Gan Cao6g
Shao Yao6g
Da Zao12 pcs

Function of Gegen Tang

a. Breast enlargement. Wild Ge Gen causes the breasts to grow gradually to maximize fullness and firmness within the limits of elasticity, which can contribute to the development of plump breasts, but without making the figure obese. On the contrary, it has the effect of consuming excess body fat and lifting to the breasts, and lobular hyperplasia can be improved.

b. Beauty and skin care. Ge Gen can be used to regulate endocrine, nourishing, and anti-aging, moisturizing the skin, and can make the original chloasma fade and disappear, and acne can significantly subside.

c. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. For coronary arteriosclerosis formed by high blood lipids, by improving the ischemic state of the heart muscle, preventing coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases.

d. Protects the liver, improves the regenerative capacity of liver cells and restores normal liver function. It promotes bile secretion, prevents fat accumulation in the liver, promotes metabolism, strengthens the liver's detoxification function, prevents liver damage from alcohol, improves sleep and mood, and relieves menstrual disorders.

Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang

Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang is used for treating fever, wind, sweating, and strong and uncomfortable collar and back, which are caused by wind-cold and cold.

Gui Zhi Jia Ge Gen Tang generally refers to Gui Zhi Tang with Ge Gen, a herbal formula from the Treatise on Typhoid Fever, which contains Bai Shao, Gui Zhi, Licorice, and Ginger. Among them, Gui Zhi Tang has the function of detoxifying the muscles and harmonizing the Ying and Wei, which can treat sweating and bad wind, while the addition of Ge Gen has the function of detoxifying the muscles and publishing, generating fluid and soothing the meridians, supplemented by Gui Zhi Tang can relieve the symptoms of neck and back pain caused by wind-cold and cold, and can also be used clinically for the treatment of some types of cervical spondylosis.

Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang

Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang is the name of a traditional Chinese medicine formula. It is a double-relieving agent with the effect of relieving the exterior and clearing the interior. Xiehe heat and downward diarrhea. Body heat and diarrhea, irritable heat in the chest and epigastrium, dry mouth and thirst, asthma and sweating, red tongue with yellow fur, and counted or rapid pulse. It is often used in the treatment of acute enteritis, bacterial dysentery, intestinal typhoid fever, and gastrointestinal colds, which are characterized by unresolved superficial symptoms and severe internal heat.

Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang

Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang is a classic herbal prescription with the effect of relieving the muscles and penetrating the rash. It was traditionally used to treat the initial onset of measles with poor rash, body heat and headache, cough, red eyes and lacrimation, and bitterness in the mouth. Nowadays, patients with measles are rare, so Shengma Gegen Tang is often used to treat influenza, acute tonsillitis, or illnesses such as cold, cough, body heat, headache, red eyes and tears, thirst, and dry throat, red tongue with a thin coating and floating pulse.

Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang

Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang is used for treating external episodes of symptoms that have not been resolved, with heat entering the interior, body heat, foul discharge, burning sensation in the anus, sub-cardiac gangrene, irritable heat in the chest, and epigastrium, panting and sweating, dry mouth and thirst, yellow fur, and pulse count.

Ge Gen Wan

Ge Gen Wan is a pill made of Ge Gen, Juniperus chinensis, and Lead Dan as the main ingredients, which have the effect of curing thirst and eliminating kidneys.

Ge Gen Tang Pian

Ge Gen Tang Pian is the name of a proprietary Chinese medicine. It is composed of powdered kudzu, ephedra, white peony, cinnamon stick, licorice, ginger, and jujube. It has the effect of generating sweat and relieving symptoms, raising fluid, and soothing the meridian. It is used for wind-cold colds with symptoms of fever and chills, stuffy nose and runny nose, cough with an itchy throat, sputum, sweating, headache, body pain, strong and urgent neck and back, thin white fur or thin white moist, floating or tight pulse.

How to buy Ge Gen?

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