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Lai Fu Zi

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What is Lai Fu Zi?

Lai Fu Zi is the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dried mature seeds of Raphanus sativus L., a cruciferous plant. The plants are harvested in summer when the fruits are ripe, dried in the sun, the seeds are rubbed out, the impurities are removed, and then dried in the sun.

Laifuzi is ovoid or oval in shape, slightly flattened. The surface is yellowish brown, white, reddish brown, or grayish brown. One end has a dark brown round seed navel, and one side has several longitudinal grooves. The seed coat is thin, brittle, cotyledons 2, yellow-white, and oily. The smell is faint, the taste is light, slightly bitter, and pungent.
EffectEliminating food and distension, lowering Qi and resolving phlegm.
Main treatmentFor dietary stagnation, distension and pain in the abdomen, constipation, diarrhea and dysentery, phlegm congestion and asthma.
Usage and dosage5~12g
Harvesting methodThe plants are harvested in summer when the seeds are ripe.
Processing methodThe seeds are dried in the sun, rubbed out, and then dried in the sun after removing impurities.
Preparation methodRemove impurities, rinse out the mud, fish out, dry in the sun, and pound when used.
Fried Lai Fu ZiTake raw Lai Fu Zi, remove impurities, fry in a hot pan with a gentle fire until the surface is slightly puffed up, take out, let cool, and pound when used.
Storage methodPut it in a porcelain jar and in a cool and dry place below 30℃.
MaintenancePrevent insects, oil and rodents from eating. If peeled to take kernel, should not process too much, because storage for a long time easy to pan oil deterioration. After the sun to be cool collection, hot storage easy to pan draw deterioration.

What is Lai Fu?

Lai Fu, also known as radish, Luo Sui. Latin name: RaphanussativusL. Synonyms: pod, rutabaga, rutabaga, caper root, Luo Sui, Luo Jiao, hail follicle, purple woad, purple flower woad, warm woad, Luo Miao, Chu woad, Qin woad, earth puff, follicle, Luo Bai.

China is the home of Lai Fu and has a long history of cultivation and consumption, with records of Lai Fu as far back as the Poetic Edda. It can be used in dishes such as stir-fried, boiled, and cold dishes, and can be eaten raw as a fruit with a delicious taste, or pickled in kimchi and sauces. The saying "eat Lai Fu in winter, eat ginger in summer.".

Lai Fu Zi effect

Lai Fu Zi can help eliminate food and distension, lowering gas and phlegm, treat dietary stagnation, distension, and pain in the epigastrium, constipation, stagnant diarrhea, phlegm congestion, and asthma.

a. Lai Fu Zi for all food accumulation. The six taels of Sancha, two taels of Shenqu, three taels of Semen, Poria, Chen Pi, forsythia, radish seeds, and one tael each. The above is for the final, cooking cake pill such as wusi big. Each takes seventy, or eighty pills, eats far, and white soup down.

b. Lai Fu Zi for toothache. Radish seeds two or seven, remove the red skin and do fine research. With human milk and, the left side of the toothache, that is, in the right nose point a little, such as the right side of the toothache, that is, in the left nose point.

c. Lai Fu Zi for wind headache and migraine. Lycopodium half a tael, ginger juice half. The upper and research very fine, stranded juice, into a little musk, drops of nasal convulsions into, migraine with the left and right with.

d. Lai Fu Zi treatment of gas bloating dropsy. Lai Fu Zi herb, grind and filter the juice with water, dip shrink sand one or two, overnight, fry and dry, and dip and fry again, where seven times, for the end. Take one penny per rice drink.

e. Lai Fu Zi treatment of children's pan intestinal gas pain. Turnip seeds fried yellow, research powder. Frankincense soup serving half a penny.

f. Lai Fu Zi treatment of wind secret gas constipation. Radish seeds (fried), ringing water, and soap pods end Liang Qian to serve.

g. Lai Fu Zi herb treats senior cough, Qi rebellion, and phlegm gangrene. Perilla seeds, white mustard seeds, radish seeds. The above three flavors are cleaned, lightly fried, and crushed, with a small bag of raw silk, boiled as soup to drink. With the sweetness of the tea to sip on behalf of, should not be too much decoction.

h. Laifuzi for whooping cough. White radish seeds, roasted and dried, research fine powder. White sugar water to serve a little, a few times a day.

i. Lai Fu Zi treats dysentery with accumulation, posterior weight is not passable. five money Lai Fu Zi, white peony three money, rhubarb one money, five points of wood fragrance. Decoction with water.

j. Lai Fu Zi is used for treating asthma and phlegm, and it occurs when it encounters a thick taste. Radish seeds plucked clean, steamed, sun research, ginger juice steamed cake pills mung bean size. Each serving of thirty pills, with oral fluid, swallowed, the day three servings.

k. Lai Fu Zi Chinese herb treats cumulative upper gas cough, much phlegm, wheezing, spitting pus, and blood. Lai Fu Zi Yi He, ground, decoction soup, food on the service.

l. Lai Fu Zi treats bruises, injuries, blood stasis, and swelling pain. Lai Fu Zi Er Liang, raw research rotten, hot-wine transfer compresses.

m. Lai Fu Zi is used for the treatment of stroke and silent mouth. Radish seeds, tooth soap pods two coins each. Decoction with water, take vomit.

Lai Fu Zi side effect


Laifuzi herb

The main contraindications to taking Lai Fu Zi are that it is not suitable for people with qi deficiency, it should not be taken in excess, it may affect the stomach and intestines, and it should not be taken with ginseng.

Lycopodium should not be taken by people with qi deficiency

There are many problems with taking Lai Fu Zi herb, and the first thing you should be careful of is that people with qi deficiency are not suitable for taking lycopodium. This is a side effect of lycopodium, which has a significant impact on the health of the stomach and intestines, so you should avoid it.

Lycopodium should not be taken in excess

When taking Lai Fu Zi, you should be careful not to overdose on it. If you take lycopodium in the right amount and in the right way, you will be able to get the medicinal value of lycopodium and benefit your health. However, if taken in excess, lycopodium can be slightly toxic, which can affect the function of the body’s organs. The only way to get the most out of the herb is to pay more attention to the pharmacological effects of the herb during consumption so that the efficacy of lycopodium can be better utilized.

Possible gastrointestinal effects of taking Lai Fu Zi

Lai Fu Zi can cause stomach pain or have a certain effect on digestive function if taken in excess, which can still have a significant impact on gastrointestinal health. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with poor gastrointestinal function to take lycopodium to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach and intestines, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, stomach indigestion, and many other uncomfortable symptoms.

Lai Fu Zi should not be taken together with ginseng

If you don't take Lai Fu Zi properly, there are some side effects that may occur, especially when you are taking Lycopodium, you must pay attention to the combination, for example, Lai Fu Zi should not be taken with ginseng. This is because Lai Fu Zi is a cleansing medicine and ginseng is a tonic, so if you take ginseng while taking Lai Fu Zi, the tonic effect of ginseng will be lost.

How to take Lai Fu Zi?

a. For patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Take 10 grams of Lai Fu Zi and 40 grams of rice, boil the rice and lycopodium into a porridge, and eat it every morning and evening after warming.

b. For patients with indigestion. Take 5 grams of Lai Fu Zi herb, crush it into a minced form, and take it with boiling water as you would normally do when taking medicine.

c. For patients with lowering blood pressure. Take the appropriate amount of carrot and 10 grams of Lai Fu Zi Chinese herb, chop the carrot into mince, lycopodium into a gauze bag, and put the gauze bag in together with the carrot when cooking, after cooking, take the gauze bag out and take the soup, once a day.

d. For patients with epilepsy. Take 10 grams of rhubarb, 20 grams of mangosteen, and 9 grams of white mustard seeds, decoct them with water, then take the juice from the decoction and add the right amount of honey and continue to simmer for 20 minutes, you can take it once a day.

How to buy Lai Fu Zi?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Lai Fu Zi, if you are interested in Lai Fu Zi herb, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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