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Nu Zhen Zi

Factory directly wholesale Nu Zhen Zi, Niu Zhen Zi
1. What is Nu Zhen Zi?
    1.1 Morphological characteristics of Nu Zhen Zi
2. Cultivation techniques of Nu Zhen Zi
    2.1 Propagating seeding of Nuzhenzi
    2.2 Field management of Nv Zhen
3. Nu Zhen Zi effects
    3.1 Nu Zhen Zi TCM
4. How to buy Nu Zhen Zi?

What is Nu Zhen Zi?

Nu Zhen Zi (scientific name: Ligustrum lucidum) is an evergreen shrub or tree of Ligustrum, up to 25 meters high. The bark is grayish brown. Branches yellowish brown, gray or purplish red, cylindrical, sparsely round, or oblong lenticels.

Nv Zhen Zi is a sub-tropical tree, with dense branches and leaves and a neat tree shape. It is a commonly used ornamental tree, which can be planted alone in the courtyard or in clusters, street trees, hedges, and so on. Privet is native to China, and widely distributed in the Yangtze River basin and southern areas, North China, northwest areas are also cultivated, capable of -10℃ low temperature, and is more used in landscaping local trees. It is mainly distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shandong, Sichuan and Guizhou, Lianghu, Guangdong and Guangxi, Fujian, and other places. The method of sowing, cutting, and lamination is adopted. The leaves can be distilled to extract Holly oil, which is used in additives such as sweets and kinds of toothpaste. Dried ripe fruit for Chinese medicine Ligustrum, a cool, sweet, and bitter taste, can be bright eyes, black hair, liver, and kidney.

Morphological characteristics of Nu Zhen Zi

Leaves of Nu Zhen Zi evergreen, leathery, ovate, long ovate or elliptic to broadly elliptic, 6~17 cm long, 3~8 cm wide, apex acute to acuminate or obtuse, base rounded or suborbicular, sometimes broadly cuneate or tapered, leaf margin flat, bright above, glabrous on both sides, midvein concave above, raised below, lateral veins 4~9 pairs, both sides slightly raised or sometimes not distinct; Petiole 1~3 cm long, upper mask groove, glabrous.

Inflorescence terminal, 8 -- 20 cm long, 8 -- 25 cm wide; Peduncle 0~3 cm long; Inflorescence axis and branch axis glabrous, purple or yellowish brown, fruit angulate; Inflorescence base bracts often homomorphic to leaves, bracteoles lanceolate or linear, 0.5 -- 6 x 0.2 -- 1.5 cm, litterless; Flowers sessile or subsessile, not exceeding 1 mm long; Calyx glabrous, 1.5 -- 2 mm long, teeth obscure or subtruncate; Corolla length is 4~5 mm, corolla tube length is 1.5~3 mm, split length is 2~2.5 mm, folding: filament length is 1.5~3 mm, anther oblong, length is 1~1.5 mm; Style 1.5 -- 2 mm long, stigma clavate.

Fruit reniform or proximal reniform, 7~10 mm long, 4~6 mm diameter, dark blue black, red black when ripe, white pink; Fruit pedicels 0~5 mm long. Flowering from May to July, fruit from July to May of the following year.

Cultivation techniques of Nu Zhen Zi

Propagating seeding of Nuzhenzi

When planting Nu Zhen Zi, it is necessary to choose loam, sandy loam and light clay with leeward and sunny side, fertile soil, convenient drainage and irrigation, and deep ploughing layer as sowing soil. After applying the base fertilizer, fine tillage and fine harrow, so that the upper deficiency and the lower solid, the land level. Base fertilizer is mainly manure, more base fertilizer is beneficial to improve ground temperature and keep soil moisture. Encourage the seeds to absorb water and germinate. Mix with 50% phoxiphos emulsion 6.0~7.5L/hm2 and 45kg fine soil, evenly remove on the surface before tilting, bury in the soil to eliminate underground pests during preparation, the bed surface should be leveled.

Niu Zhen Zi seeds usually mature in November ~ December. When the seeds mature, they are often waxy white powder, so it is necessary to timely harvest, and choose trees with strong strength, good posture and strong resistance as the mother tree. The ear can be clipped with high branches, and the fruit can be swept down. The fruit can be immersed in water for 5~7 days, rubbed off the peel, washed and dried in the shade. Two wet sand and one seed can be used for wet storage, late March to early April of the following spring. Soak the seeds in hot water and let them wet for 4~5 days after they are taken out.

Winter sowing before freezing, generally do not need to promote germination. Spring sowing is carried out after thawing, and the effect of spurting is remarkable. In order to break the dormancy of privet seeds, the seeds were soaked with 550mg/kg gibberellin solution for 48h before sowing, water was changed once a day, and then dried. After 3 to 5 days, the buds were immersed in water at 25 to 30℃, and the water was changed every day. Seeding seedlings are sown from early to mid-March to April. Before sowing, the peeled seeds were soaked in warm water for 1 day. The spacing of rows was 20cm and the soil thickness was 1.5-2.0cm. The seeding capacity is about 105kg/hm2. Privet seedling emergence time is longer, about 1 month. After sowing, it is best to cover the soil surface with grass to conserve soil moisture.

Field management of Nv Zhen

After the seedlings are unearthed, the soil should be loosened and weeded in time, and the seedlings should be thinned. The height of annual seedlings can reach 50cm according to conventional management. Privet is a plant that likes dampness, but too much water is easy to cause disease. We must strictly control the water and spray water every day to meet the needs of the growth environment of privet. Water spraying can be carried out by sprinkler irrigation facilities, which can not only ensure the area of water distribution, maintain the ground humidity well, but also reasonably control the water not to excess. The best choice of water spraying time is 8:00 ~ 10:00 every day, or 16:00 ~ 18:00, the seedlings are afraid of waterlogging, should pay attention to drainage. Privet grows at seedling stage without much fertilizer. As long as the application of foliar fertilizer is appropriate, water-soluble fertilizer can be used, and 2kg of water per 5g is prepared for spraying. The best time is from 16:00 to 18:00, and the standard is to completely spray the blade l times. Do this once every 15 days.

When the light is particularly strong. Sunshade net should be used to avoid high temperature brought by strong light, which will affect the growth rate of the seedlings. Weeding is usually done once a month, and care should be taken to avoid damaging the roots of the plant. Plants at seedling stage are vulnerable to aphids. For aphids, the main prevention is to spray with 800 times of dimethoate solution. The time can be selected after 8:00 ~ 10:00 or 16:00, and the dosage is to spray the leaves completely once.

Nu Zhen Zi effects

Nu Zhen Zi herb has the function of nourishing the liver and kidneys, and brightening eyes and dark hair. The characteristics of Fructus ligustrum lie in the drug is more peaceful, the effect is a slow, long time to take effect. Modern clinical is also used in optic neuritis, leukopenia, chronic hepatitis, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, hypertension, children poisoning hearing loss, neurasthenia, facial paralysis, hair loss, and so on.

Nu Zhen Zi TCM

Nourishing the kidney and liver

Nu Zhen Zi TCM is used for liver and kidney insufficiency, symptoms are bone steaming and labor fever, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, waist and knee tenderness, etc. In the treatment of bone steam fever, it can be used as raw radix, radix ossiculae, artemisia annua and wolfberry. Treatment of dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, can be used with chrysanthemum, gastrodia elata, wolfberry, Radix aconitum; Treatment of waist knee sour and soft, can be used with cooked ground, dodder seed, fried eucommia, Sichuan cut.

Black hair and brightening the eyes

Nu Zhen Zi is used for Yin deficiency of liver and kidney, spermatozoa and blood can not go up and the hair is early white or the sight is dim. Black hair can be used as the same as lotus grass, scrophulariae, and black sesame. It can be used with raw land, wolfberry seeds, chrysanthemums, and milkvetch seeds.

Other effects

a. Anti-aging. Nu Zhen Zi can significantly inhibit the formation of malondialdehyde (MDA), the product of lipid peroxidation in the brain of aged mice. The content of MDA in liver of aged rats was significantly decreased. It can improve the activity of SOD in liver obviously.

b. Resist fatigue. Saldeloside contained in Niu Zhen Zi has anti-fatigue effect. Significantly decreased, the degree of coronary artery obstruction significantly reduced, coronary blood flow increased, serum cholesterol and triglyceride significantly decreased.

c. Hypoglycemic. Nv Zhen Zi can reduce the blood sugar of normal mice, resist the glucose induced blood sugar rise, and has the prevention and treatment effect on diabetes in mice.

d. Deenzyme. Nu Zhen Zi Chinese herb oleanolic acid has the effect of reducing transaminase.

How to buy Nu Zhen Zi?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Nu Zhen Zi, if you are interested in Nu Zhen Zi herb, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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