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Fu Zi

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What is Fu Zi?

Fu Zi, which is also called Aconite, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a processed product of the root of Aconitum carmichaelii Debx, a plant of Ranunculaceae. It is a typical authentic medicinal material with symbiotic toxicity and effect in my country. It is called "the leader of a hundred medicines" and "the first important medicine for returning to yang" by doctors.


Aconite nature and flavor are pungent, sweet, very hot; poisonous. Return heart, kidney, spleen channel. Aconite is pungent and hot, pure yang, has strong toxicity, and enters the heart, kidney, and spleen meridians. It helps the heart yang at the top, warms the spleen yang at the middle, and strengthens the kidney yang at the bottom. It is an essential medicine for tonifying fire and supporting yang, returning yang to rescue the adversity, and it is used every time to treat the symptoms of yang deficiency and yang deficiency. Pungent and heat dissipating, is a strong medicine for dispelling yin and cold, removing rheumatism, and relieving pain, often used for treating cold and damp pains.

Types of Fu Zi

Salt Fu Zi

Conical, 4-175px long and 3-125px in diameter. The surface is gray-black, covered with salt frost, with sunken bud scars on the top and nodular protruding roots or root scars around it. Body weight, gray-brown cross-section, small spaces filled with salt frost and polygonal cambium rings can be seen, and the inner ductal bundles of the rings are not neatly arranged. Slight gas, numb taste, tingling tongue.

Black Fu Zi

Longitudinal slices, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, with a length of 1.7-125px, a width of 0.9-75px, and a thickness of 0.2-12.5px. The outer skin is dark brown, the cut surface is dark yellow, oily and shiny, translucent, and has longitudinal duct bundles. Hard and brittle, horny-like section. Slight gas, light taste.

White Fu Zi

Without skin, yellowish white, translucent, about 7.5px thick.

Growth environment of Fu Zi

Fuzi is distributed in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, Gansu, Yunnan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Anhui and other places.

The growth environment of Fuzi is very special. It is widely distributed in one-third of my country's land. It basically grows in grassy slopes, shrubs, and high mountains and wild places above 1,200 meters above sea level. And because of its wide distribution and solitary growth, the collection process is often extremely difficult.

Processing methods of Fu Zi

Collection and processing

It is excavated from late June to early August to remove the mother roots, fibrous roots and sediment, which is commonly called "Nifuzi".

Processing method

Fu Zi (Black Fu Zi, White Fu Zi)

Directly used as medicine.

Light Fu Zi

Take salt Fu Zi, soak and bleach in clean water, change the water 2 to 3 times a day, until the salt is gone. Boil the heart thoroughly with licorice and black beans with water until the mouth feels no numb tongue after cutting it open, remove the licorice and black beans, cut into thin slices, and dry in the sun. (For every 100kg salt Fu Zi, use 5kg licorice and 10kg black beans.)

Pao Fu Zi

Take clean river sand, put it in a frying container, heat it with strong fire, fry until flexible, add Fu Zi slices, stir fry continuously, stir fry until bulging and slightly change color, take it out, sieve to remove sand, and spread air.



Medicine part

The plump tuberous root of a plant.


Spicy, sweet, hot in nature.


Return heart, kidney, spleen channel.


Restore yang to rescue adverse events, tonify fire and support yang, dispel cold and relieve pain.


For yang deficiency and prostration, cold extremities, slight pulse, deficiency of heart yang, chest obstruction and heart pain, vomiting and diarrhea due to deficiency cold, cold pain in the abdomen, kidney yang deficiency, impotence and uterine cold, edema due to yin-cold, exogenous pathogenesis due to yang deficiency, and arthralgia due to cold-dampness.

Related Compatibility

1. Inner deficiency and dark eyes: replenish qi and nourish blood. Use angelica (raw sun) six liang, aconite (cannon) one liang, as the end, make honeyed pills and Wuzi big. Thirty pills per serving, under warm wine, called Liuyi pills. ("Sanji Zonglu")
2. Deficiency of qi, miasma and malaria, less heat and more cold, or single cold without heat, or deficiency of heat without cold: Divide grass nuts and cooked aconite into equal parts, one cup of water, seven slices of ginger, one jujube, half a cup of decoction and serve. Famous fruit with soup. ("Ji Sheng Fang")
3. Suffering from continuous pain in the confidant: use two liang of aconite and half liang of wild wolf poison, pound and sieve, and the honeydew wuzi will be big. Take one pill a day, two pills a day, three pills a day, and stop; start from one pill and stop at three pills, depending on the severity. ("Behind the Elbow")


3~15g, fry first, then fry for a long time.


Pregnant women should use it with caution. It should not be used together with Pinellia, Gualou, Gualou, Gualoupi, Trichosanthin, Chuan Fritillaria, Zhejiang Fritillaria, Flat Fritillaria, Yi Fritillaria, Hubei Fritillaria, Baishui, Baiji.

Related discussion

1. "Compendium of Materia Medica": treat the three yin meridian syndromes, and yin poison typhoid fever, yin and yang are prone to diseases.
2. "Herbal Classic": Wind-cold cough against pathogenic factors, warm middle-heat, cold-dampness, contracture and knee pain, unable to walk, broken disease hard accumulation of blood in the abdomen, gold sores.
3. "Bie Lu": Wind-cold in the waist and spine, cold and weak feet, cold pain in the confidant, cholera tendons, red and white diarrhea, strong yin, strong muscles and bones, and abortion.

Fu Zi benefits

1. Fu Zi can help the heart yang to unblock the meridians, tonify the kidney yang to benefit the fire, and save the lost yuan yang. It is suitable for the deficiency of heart yang and kidney yang caused by poor appetite, loose stool, heavy body, clear and long urine, and frequent urination at night. It has the effect of improving symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, and dreaminess.

2. Fu Zi can warm the meridians, dispel cold and relieve pain, and relieve symptoms such as cold limbs, cold pain in the abdomen, sore waist and knees, and headache.

Fu Zi side effects 

When patients take Fu Zi, if they take too much, it will cause symptoms of getting angry. For example, symptoms such as sores in the mouth, swelling and pain in the eyes, fever in the palms, red tongue coating, and dry stools appear.

Some patients may experience dizziness, headache and other side effects after taking Fu Zi.

Although the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are relatively small compared with western medicine, it does not mean that there are no side effects at all, so it is necessary to use rationally.

Fu Zi uses



Take appropriate amount of psoralen, cinnamon, Fu Zi, and licorice, put them in a casserole, boil them with water for about 20 minutes, remove the dregs and drink. Aconite is poisonous, and the specific usage and dosage should follow the doctor's advice.


Prepare the right amount of japonica rice, Fu Zi, dried ginger, and scallion. Clean the japonica rice, put it into a pot, add appropriate amount of water, aconite, dried ginger, and scallion, and cook for 40 minutes before serving.


Old Hen Soup with Fu Zi

Prepare an old hen, appropriate amount of Fu Zi, salt, green onion, ginger, and cooking wine. Clean the old hen, put it in a pot under cold water, add appropriate amount of scallions, ginger, and cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, boil it on high heat, and remove it with cold water. Pour water back into the pot, add old hen pieces and aconite, cook for 40 minutes, add appropriate amount of condiments, continue cooking for 20 minutes and serve.

Fu Zi Mutton Soup

Prepare 25g of Fu Zi and 1000g of mutton for soup. It is used for yang deficiency, aversion to cold and cold limbs, frequent urination at night, or cold pain in the abdomen and lumbago.

Made into powder or pills

Fuzi Lizhong Wan

Fuzi Lizhong Wan is a traditional Chinese patent medicine that warms the middle and invigorates the spleen. It is used for spleen and stomach deficiency, cold pain in the abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea, and cold hands and feet.

External use

Take an appropriate amount of Fu Zi powder and apply it on the center of the foot to treat toothache due to yin deficiency.

How to choose Fu Zi?

1. Salt Fu Zi should be big, heavy, dark gray, with salt frost on the surface.

2. Black Fu Zi is better if it is large and uniform, with dark brown skin and oily and shiny cut surface.

3. White Fu Zi is preferably uniform, yellowish-white, oily, and translucent.

How to buy Fu Zi?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Fu Zi, if you are interested in Fuzi or Aconite, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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