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Jin Yin Hua

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What is Jin Yin Hua?

Jin Yin Hua is a traditional Chinese medicine name. It is the dried flower buds or flowers with the first bloom of Lonicera japonica Thunb. of the Lonicera japonica family. The plant Lonicera japonica is mostly distributed in East China, South Central China, Southwest China and Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Gansu, etc.; South China Lonicera japonica is mostly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan; Mizo glandular Lonicera japonica is distributed in Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Taiwan, etc.; Yellow-brown hairy Lonicera japonica is distributed in Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan. Jinyinhua has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is used for treating exogenous wind-heat or warm fever, heat stroke, febrile and bloody dysentery, carbuncles and furuncles, laryngeal paralysis, and various infectious diseases.

Jin Yin Hua in English is Lonicera japonica.

Jin Yin Hua in Chinese is ι‡‘ι“ΆθŠ±.

Growth environment of Jin Yin Hua

Lonicera is very adaptable and is not strict in its choice of soil and climate, with thick sandy loam soil being the best. It can be cultivated on mountain slopes, terraces, ground weirs, dikes, and barren hills.

How to reproduce Jin Yin Hua?


Jinyin Hua

Jin Yin Hua is mainly propagated by seeds and cuttings.

Seed propagation

Jinyinhua is sown in April, the seeds will be soaked in 35-40 ℃ warm water for 24 hours, take out intercept 2-3 times wet sand germination, and wait for the cleavage to reach about 30% when sowing. Sowing seeds on the border at a row spacing of 21-22 cm, mulch 1 cm, spraying water every 2 days, more than 10 days to seedlings, after the autumn or the second spring transplanting, with about 15 kg of seeds per 1 hectare. Propagation by cuttings: generally, in the rainy season. In the summer and autumn rainy weather, select robust 1-2-year-old branches free of disease and insects cut into 30-35 cm, remove the lower leaves as plugs, and cut as you go. In the selected land, according to the row spacing 1.6 m, 1.5 m spacing digging holes, hole depth 16-18 cm, 5-6 plugs per hole, scattered shape diagonally buried in the soil, the ground exposed 7-10 cm, or so, filled with soil compaction. Can also use cuttings seedlings; in July-August, according to the row spacing of 23-26 cm, open a trench, about 16 cm deep, spacing 2 cm, the plug diagonally into the trench, fill soil compaction, after planting spray water, after the drought, every 2d to water 1 traffic, about half a month that can be rooted, the second spring or autumn transplanting.

Cultivation techniques of Jin Yin Hua

Loosening and cultivation of soil should be done every spring from February to March and before the freeze in autumn. Fertilizer is applied 1-2 times a year, simultaneously with soil cultivation, and a mixture of soil fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can be used. Fertilize once after each flower picking, mainly with urea, to increase the number of flower picking. Fertilizer mix. After each flower picking fertilizer 1 time, mainly urea, in order to increase the number of flower picking. Reasonable pruning and shaping, is an effective measure to improve production, according to the variety, pier age, and branch type, such as chicken claw flower, the main trunk is obvious, the branches are not on the ground, the crown width of 80-120 cm, cut branches to the top, clear the foot bush, play the inner chamber, prune overgrown branches, sick and weak branches, dead branches, downward extension branches, so that the branches into a bush upright, the main trunk is strong, the branches are sparse and uniform, the flower pier is umbrella-shaped, good ventilation and light, more new branches The new branches are umbrella-shaped, well ventilated and ventilated, with more new branches and more flower buds. Pruning: one is winter pruning, from December to late February of the following year can be carried out. The second is the growth period cut, which is carried out after each flower picking, the first crop of flowers after cutting summer tips, and the third in early September after three crops of flowers cut autumn tips. To lightly cut mainly. Planted in cold areas, to protect the old branches over winter. Generally, in the ground before the freeze, the old branches lie flat on the ground, covered with artemisia grass 6-7 cm, grass and then cover the soil overwintering, the following spring before the sprout to remove the mulch.

Jin Yin Hua benefits


Jin Yin Hua Chinese herb

Jin Yin Hua benefits from dispersing wind-heat, clearing heat, detoxifying, detoxifying, and stopping dysentery.

a. Jinyin Hua is sweet and cold and can clear heat and detoxify toxins, which can be used for internal and external carbuncles.

b. Jin Yin Hua is sweet and cold, aromatic and dispersing, good at dispersing heat in the lung meridian, penetrating heat to reach the surface, and can be used to improve external wind-heat or warm disease in the early stages of body heat, sore throat, thirst, and other symptoms.

c. Jinyinhua can clear heat and detoxify, cool the blood, and stop dysentery, and can be used for pyretic dysentery with pus and blood.

Jin Yin Hua side effects

Jin Yin Hua herb

Side effects of Jin Yin Hua herb include abdominal pain, bloating, and weakness. Because honeysuckle is a portion of cold food, it is not advisable to take too much honeysuckle water, otherwise, it will cause spleen and stomach deficiency and thus abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weakness.

Abdominal pain

Jin Yin Hua is a cold product. If your body is cold, taking large amounts of Jin Yinhua may cause abdominal pain. If you have a cold stomach, it may also cause diarrhea, so it is recommended to stop taking the medicine and observe. If you have a cold stomach, you can choose hot compresses or ginger brown sugar warming the middle and dispersing cold.

Abdominal distension

If you take too much Jin Yin Hua which usually causes bloating, you should stop using it immediately and if the condition is serious it is recommended to consult a doctor at a hospital.

Lack of energy

Jin Yin Hua is not recommended for people with a weak and cold constitution. Jin Yin Hua is cold in nature and taking too much of it usually causes general weakness, so stop taking it and take rest.

When women are in their menstrual period, taking honeysuckle may induce dysmenorrhea, or aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. If you are allergic to honeysuckle, when you take honeysuckle tea or apply it externally, you may experience allergic reactions such as rashes, bleeding spots, and itchy skin.

If you experience discomfort after taking honeysuckle, you should stop eating it immediately and seek prompt medical attention.

Application of Jin Yin Hua

Jin Yin Hua tea


Jin Yin Hua tea benefits

Jin Yin Hua tea belongs to the category of flower tea, which is made by using high-quality green tea as the blank and fresh honeysuckle flowers according to the honeysuckle tea cellar-making process. Summer is the harvesting period of Jin Yin Hua, the flowers of Jinyinhua are pure white when they first open, the next day they turn yellow, and the aroma gradually dissipates, so the best picking is on the day of flowering.

Jinyinhua tea is sweet in taste and cold in nature, with the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, easing the throat, and eliminating summer heat and annoyance. High-quality honeysuckle tea, the shape of the rope is tight and thin and straight, gray-green color and luster, the aroma is pure and timeless, the soup color is yellow-green and bright, the taste is sweet and mellow and fresh, and the leaf base is tender and soft.

Jin Yin Hua for shower

Jin Yin Hua is an herb that has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the body and dispersing heat from the wind and can be taken orally to treat infectious diseases such as acne, dysentery, and sore throat. In the hot summer weather, many people with fat body types or outdoor laborers can develop prickly heat on their skin due to heavy body sweating, so they can take a bath with honeysuckle boiled water, which has the effect of clearing heat, reducing inflammation and relieving itching.

Jin Yin Hua for shower 1-2 times each day, stick with it for about 3 days. It can make the heat rash reduce or disappear. In addition, honeysuckle water can also treat baby eczema, can improve the itchy skin caused by eczema symptoms, there are some people who do not have skin problems, so you can also use a honeysuckle water bath, because this bath water in addition to anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-itch effect, but also to remove the skin surface of a variety of germs, can prevent bacterial infection of hair follicles caused by boils so that the skin becomes smooth.

How to buy Jin Yin Hua?

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