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Ren Dong Teng

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What is Ren Dong Teng?

Ren Dong Teng, which is also called Honeysuckle vines, Lonicera vine or honeysuckle stem, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. Also known as Daxie Li, Salicus vine, and Qianjin vine. It is the dry cane of Lonicera japonica Thunb. "Chinese Materia Medica" records that the sources of honeysuckle vines include the stems and branches of Lonicera, Linicum japonica, Red Gland Lonicera, and Yellow Brown Hair Lonicera. Honeysuckle is a perennial semi-evergreen twining woody vine with hollow stems and dense pubescence on young branches. The traditional Chinese medicine honeysuckle is its dried flower buds. Honeysuckle is used as medicine. In China, it was first seen in Liang Dynasty's "Bielu of Famous Doctors". The stems, branches and leaves were first used, and honeysuckle was not widely used until the Ming Dynasty. "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Lonicera, stems, leaves and flowers have the same function." Mocking "Materia Medica Justice" said: "Today people use its flowers more, but in fact the flower nature is light. The power is very thin, not as strong as the smell of branches and vines. The ancients only called honeysuckle. It is not called a flower, but it can be obtained without words. In view of the prescriptions attached to the "Compendium", there are still many vines and leaves, which is even more evidence that " Ren Dong Teng is full of treasures, and the vines, leaves, and flowers can be used as medicine. The medicinal properties of the three are basically the same, and the nature and taste can be defined as pungent, sweet and cold. It is a good medicine for eliminating evil and detoxification, which is proved by modern research. Honeysuckle and honeysuckle have similar chemical composition and pharmacological activity.

Honeysuckle vines

Honeysuckle vines are widely distributed in most parts of our country. It has been cultivated and produced in many places, among which Henan and Shandong have the largest production of honeysuckle vine resources. It can be used as medicine in all seasons. readily available. There is no difference between dry and fresh, easy to collect, and cheap. Honeysuckle has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, dredging wind and dredging collaterals. It can be used for fever due to febrile disease, sore carbuncle and swollen toxin, toxic heat and bloody dysentery, rheumatic-heat arthralgia, red, swollen and hot pain in joints.

Types of Ren Dong Teng

Ren Dong Teng

Ren Dong Teng is slender and cylindrical, with a diameter of 0.2-1.5cm, the surface is gray-brown, the skin is easy to peel off, and it is often torn into fibers. Hard and brittle, often curved, off-white or yellow-white in section. Gas weak, tasteless.

Yin Hua Teng

Stem cylindrical, slender, constant branches twisted and twisted into bundles, diameter 1.5-4mm, surface dark brown or grayish brown, with fine pubescence, especially young branches, the skin is easy to peel off, often torn as fibrous. There are many oval opposite leaves on the stem, which are greenish-yellow, often broken and incomplete. The texture is hard and brittle, the broken surface is off-white or yellow-white, and there is a gap in the central pith. Gas weak, tasteless.

Growth environment of Ren Dong Teng

Rendongteng, a perennial semi-evergreen twining woody vine. Long cylindrical, multi-branched, often twisted into bundles, 1.5-6mm in diameter. The surface is brown-red to dark brown, some are gray-green, smooth or hairy; the outer skin is easy to peel off. There are many nodes on the branches, the length of the internodes is 6-225px, and there are residual leaves and leaf scars. Brittle, easy to break, yellow-white section, hollow. Slight gas, slightly bitter taste of old twigs, light taste of young twigs. The flowering period is from April to July, and the fruiting period is from June to November. Honeysuckle has strong adaptability, and the selection of soil and climate is not strict, and sandy loam with thick soil layer is the best.

Rendongteng are distributed in most parts of our country. Mainly produced in Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places. In addition, Anhui, Gansu, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shanxi, Yunnan, Liaoning, Hebei and other places are also produced. It has been cultivated and produced in many places, among which Henan and Shandong have the largest output.

Processing methods of Ren Dong Teng

Collection and processing

Harvested in autumn and winter, dried in the sun.

Processing method

Purification system

Take the original medicinal materials, remove impurities, and wash.


Washed, moistened, segmented or sliced, dried in the sun, used raw.

Ren Dong Teng TCM


Medicine part

The dry stems and branches of Lonicera chinensis.


Sweet, cold.


Return lung, stomach warp.


Heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, dredging wind and dredging collaterals.


Fever due to febrile disease, heat-toxin bloody dysentery, carbuncle sores, rheumatism-heat arthralgia, red, swollen, hot pain in the joints.




Ren Dong Teng is contraindicated for those with spleen and stomach deficiency and persistent diarrhea.

Traits and characteristics

Long cylindrical, multi-branched, often twisted into bundles, 1.5-6mm in diameter. The surface is brown-red to dark brown, some are gray-green, smooth or hairy; the outer skin is easy to peel off. There are many nodes on the branches, the length of the internodes is 6-9cm, and there are residual leaves and leaf scars. Brittle, easy to break, yellow-white section, hollow. Slight gas, slightly bitter taste of old twigs, light taste of young twigs. The outer skin is maroon red, and the one with leaves is better.

Related discussion

1. "Compendium of Materia Medica": "The stems, leaves and flowers of honeysuckle have the same functions. In the past, it was called the key medicine for treating wind, removing swelling, and relieving dysentery, but later generations no longer know how to use it: later generations call it reducing swelling, dispersing toxins, and treating sores. It is an essential medicine, but the ancients did not mention it, but they know the principles of ancient and modern times, and they are different from each other. According to Chen Ziming's "Surgery Essentials", honeysuckle wine can be used to treat carbuncle and gangrene on the back, and it should be taken at the first episode , its effect is very strange, better than Hong Nei Xiao. Hong Mai, Shen Kuo and other parties have recorded it in detail."
2. "Bielu of Famous Doctors": "Mainly treat cold and heat and swell the body."
3. "On the Nature of Medicine": "It controls abdominal distention and fullness, and can stop the flow of Qi."
4. "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica": "Extensive middle and lower qi, eliminates phlegm, dispels wind and heat, clears throat heat and pain."

Ren Dong Teng benefits

Heat-clearing and detoxifying

Ren Dong Teng is cold in nature and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is suitable for febrile disease fever, heat-toxin bloody dysentery, carbuncle and sore. Honeysuckle vine with leaves or flowers, decocted and taken can relieve exogenous pathogenesis, fever and thirst.

Dispelling wind and dredging collaterals

Ren Dong Teng has the effect of dredging wind and dredging collaterals, which can cure rheumatism-heat arthralgia, joint redness, swelling and heat pain. Honeysuckle vine, rare mulberry grass, millet vine, geranium, white weed, etc., decocted in water, can improve rheumatoid arthritis.

Ren Dong Teng side effects 

Digestive abnormalities

Honeysuckle vine is cold in nature, and it is beneficial to eliminate heat and wind evils in the body after use. However, long-term use will make the patient's spleen and stomach weak and cold, which will affect the normal digestive function of the body, resulting in diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms of digestive abnormalities.


Western medicine believes that for patients prone to allergies, the use of honeysuckle may cause immune system dysfunction, stimulate abnormal secretion of subcutaneous tissue secretions, and cause skin itching symptoms.

Ren Dong Teng uses



Appropriate amount of Ren Dong Teng and big licorice knot, decocted in clear water; put in a bowl of ashless wine, decocted again, appropriate amount can have a certain effect on treating carbuncle.
When the decoction of Ren Dong Teng is taken orally, the usual dosage is 9-30g.

Making tea

Making tea is a common way to eat Ren Dong Teng. It can be brewed alone or mixed with other Chinese medicinal materials when making tea. When brewed alone, it can clear away heat and detoxify and prevent getting angry. Making tea with honeysuckle vine and traditional Chinese medicine dandelion can dredge collaterals and eliminate carbuncles. When making tea, you need to prepare 30 grams of dandelion and 20 grams of honeysuckle vine. Put them together and brew them directly with boiling water.

Sparkling wine

Ren Dong Teng can also be used to make wine at ordinary times. When making wine with Ren Dong Teng, you need to prepare 150 grams of honeysuckle vines, 30 grams of raw licorice, and 300 grams of high-strength liquor. Put the prepared honeysuckle and licorice together, add about 2000 grams of water and cook for two hours, add the prepared white wine after frying, boil together, cook for about half an hour, take out and filter after cooking, and get The medicinal wine is bottled and preserved, and can be directly taken out for drinking when needed.


Ren Dong Teng can also be used to make soup. When making soup with honeysuckle, it needs to be mixed with appropriate amount of Patrinia and peach kernels. The specific formula is 30 grams of Patrinia, 30 grams of Honeysuckle, 10 grams of peach kernels, and 50 grams of barley. After washing all the ingredients in the formula with clean water, put them in a pot and add an appropriate amount of water to make a soup. After boiling, take it out and drink it. Once a day, it can relieve body heat, yellow and short urine, abdominal pain and other adverse symptoms. It can also be used in the treatment of acute appendicitis in humans with excellent therapeutic efficacy.

External use

Take appropriate amount of Ren Dong Teng, decoct in water for fumigation and washing, boil paste or grind into powder for application, fresh products can also be pounded for application.

How to choose Ren Dong Teng?

Ren Dong Teng are better with uniform branches, reddish skin, slightly hairy twigs, and leaves. It is customary to think that Jiangsu products are the best.

Ren Dong Teng vs. Confusion

Although Ren Dong Teng, Jin Yin Ren Dong Teng and forsythia are all hollow, the hollow pith of Ren Dong Teng occupies the largest proportion of the section. The hollow pith of Jin Yin Ren Dong Teng is smaller, and there is a reddish-brown circle. The pith of forsythia is hollow Minimal, with prominent surface lenticels.

How to buy Ren Dong Teng?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Ren Dong Teng , if you are interested in Rendongteng or Honeysuckle vines , please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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