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How To Say Dates In Chinese?

Post by Swing on November 15, 2022, Category: Chinese Learning 

The most common way to say dates in Chinese

When you search the internet, date is translated into Chinese as 日期 [rì qī].


If you want to say the dates like a Chinese native, you have to not only know the numbers in Chinese, but also be able to master the years, months, and days correctly.

日(formal Chinese)date
号(oral Chinese)hàodate

How to say years in Chinese


When you say the years in Chinese, you should read out the number digit by digit, and then add the word [nián] in the end.
For example:

2022年èr líng èr èr niánTwo thousand and twenty two.

How to say months in Chinese


There are twelve months in a year. The formula of saying months in Chinese is: number + 月 [yuè].

一月yī yuèJanuary
二月èr yuèFebruary
三月sān yuèMarch
四月sì yuèApril
五月wǔ yuèMay
六月liù yuèJune
七月qī yuèJuly
八月bā yuèAugust
九月 jiǔ yuèSeptember
十月shí yuèOctober
十一月shí yī yuèNovember
十二月shí èr yuèDecember

How to say days in Chinese


Here’s how to say the 31 days of the month in Chinese. The formula of saying days in Chinese is: number + 日 [rì]. In spoken Chinese, [hào] is often used instead of 日 [rì].

1日(号)yī rì (hào )1st
2日(号)èr rì (hào )2nd
3日(号)sān rì (hào )3rd
4日(号)sì rì (hào )4th
5日(号)wǔ rì (hào )5th
6日(号)liù rì (hào )6th
7日(号)qī rì (hào )7th
8日(号)bā rì (hào )8th
9日(号)jiǔ rì (hào )9th
10日(号)shí rì (hào )10th
11日(号)shí yī rì (hào )11st
12日(号)shí èr rì (hào )12nd
13日(号)shí sān rì (hào )13rd
14日(号)shí sì rì (hào )14th
15日(号)shí wǔ rì (hào )15th
16日(号)shí liù rì (hào )16th
17日(号)shí qī rì (hào )17th
18日(号)shí bā rì (hào )18th
19日(号)shí jiǔ rì (hào )19th
20日(号)èr shí rì (hào )20th
21日(号)èr shí yī rì (hào )21st
22日(号)èr shí èr rì (hào )22nd
23日(号)èr shí sān rì (hào )23rd
24日(号)èr shí sì rì (hào )24th
25日(号)èr shí wǔ rì (hào )25th
26日(号)èr shí liù rì (hào )26th
27日(号)èr shí qī rì (hào )27th
28日(号)èr shí bā rì (hào )28th
29日(号)èr shí jiǔ rì (hào )29th
30日(号)sān shí rì (hào )30th
31日(号)sān shí yī rì (hào )31st

How to say dates in Chinese


Now we know the years, months, and days in Chinese, then we use a simple formula to describe dates in Chinese, which is a little different from that in English:

For example:

今天是2022年1月1日。jīn tiān shì èr líng èr èr nián yī yuè yī rì。Today is January 1st, 2022.

How to say the days of the week in Chinese


There are seven days in a week. Days of the week follow a simple formula: 星期 [xīng qī] + number.

星期一xīng qī yīMonday
星期二xīng qī èr Tuesday
星期三xīng qī sānWednesday
星期四xīng qī sì Thursday
星期五xīng qī wǔ Friday
星期六xīng qī liù Saturday
星期天(日)xīng qī tiān(rì)Sunday

And 星期 [xīng qī] can be replaced by [zhōu] / 礼拜 [lǐ bài], so here are two new formula: 周 [zhōu] / 礼拜 [lǐ bài] + number.

周一(礼拜一)zhōu yī (lǐ bài yī )Monday
周二(礼拜二)zhōu èr (lǐ bài èr )Tuesday
周三(礼拜三)zhōu sān (lǐ bài sān )Wednesday
周四(礼拜四)zhōu sì (lǐ bài sì )Thursday
周五(礼拜五)zhōu wǔ (lǐ bài wǔ )Friday
周六(礼拜六)zhōu liù (lǐ bài liù )Saturday
周天(礼拜天)zhōu tiān (lǐ bài tiān )Sunday

Some basic words for saying dates in Chinese

  1. 昨天 [zuó tiān] – Yesterday.
  2. 今天 [jīn tiān] – Today.
  3. 明天 [míng tiān] – Tomorrow.
  1. 前天 [qián tiān] – The day before yesterday.
  2. 大前天 [dà qián tiān] / 三天前 [sān tiān qián] – Three days ago.
  3. 后天 [hòu tiān] – The day after tomorrow.
  4. 大后天 [dà hòu tiān] / 三天后 [sān tiān hòu] – Three days later.
  5. 上个星期 [shàng gè xīng qī] – Last week.
  6. 这个星期 [zhè gè xīng qī] – This week.
  7. 下个星期 [xià gè xīng qī] – Next week.
  8. 上上个月 [shàng shàng gè yuè] / 两个月以前 [liǎng gè yuè yǐ qián]– Two months ago. The month before last.
  9. 下下个月 [xià xià gè yuè] / 两个月以后 [liǎng gè yuè yǐ hòu]– Two months later. The month after next.
  10. 去年 [qù nián] – Last year.
  11. 今年 [jīn nián] – This year.
  12. 明年 [míng nián] – Next year.
  1. 前年 [qián nián] / 两年前 [liǎng nián qián]– Two years ago. The year before last.
  2. 后年 [hòu nián] / 两年后 [liǎng nián hòu]– Two years later. The year after next.

How to ask the dates in Chinese

  1. 今天是几号?[jīn tiān shì jǐ hào?] – What's the date today?
A:今天是几号?jīn tiān shì jǐ hào?What's the date today?
B:18号。shí bā hào。18th.
  1. 今天是几月几号?[jīn tiān shì jǐ yuè jǐ hào?] – What's the date today?
A:今天是几月几号?jīn tiān shì jǐ yuè jǐ hào?What's the date today?
B:6月18号。liù yuè shí bā hào。June 18th.
  1. 今天是什么日期?[jīn tiān shì shén me rì qī?] – What's the date today?It is a formal way to ask the dates.
A:今天是什么日期?jīn tiān shì shén me rì qī?What's the date today?
B:12月12号。shí èr yuè shí èr hào。December 12nd.
  1. 哪一年?[nǎ yì nián?] – Which year?
A:你是哪一年来中国的?nǐ shì nǎ yì nián lái zhōng guó de?Which year did you come to China?
B:2018年。èr líng yī bā nián。Two thousand and eighteen.

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