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Zhu Dan

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What is Zhu Dan?

Zhu Dan, which is also called Red lead or minium, the name of traditional Chinese medicine, the prescription is named "Leadan, Huangdan, Guangdan, Dongdan", and its aliases are "Leadan, Taodan, Leadyellow, Huangdan, Hongdan, Danfen, Guodan, Zhufen, Songdan, Dongdan, lead yellow, Zhudan, Zhangdan, Taodan powder" and so on. This product is trilead tetraoxide processed from pure lead. It is made of lead, sulfur, saltpeter, etc.

Red lead

Red lead is an orange-red or orange-yellow powder, with dull luster, opaque, and heavy. When you rub it with your fingers, it will feel sandy to the touch at first, and then feel fine. It can make your fingers dye orange-yellow. Has a metallic spicy taste. The color is orange-red, delicate and smooth, without coarse grains, and those that do not form lumps in water are the best. Insoluble in alcohol and water, soluble in nitric acid, soluble in hydrochloric acid and release chlorine gas. When it is hot, oxygen is released, and part of it becomes lead oxide.

Origin of Zhu Dan

Zhudan is distributed in Northeast China and Gansu, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places.

Zhudan is produced in hydrothermal deposits and often coexists with sphalerite.

Processing methods of Zhu Dan

Processing method

Heat pure lead in an iron pot, stir it, oxidize it with air, put it into a stone mortar after cooling, and grind it into powder. Rinse with water, separate the coarse and fine powder, then oxidize the fine powder for 24 hours, grind it into a fine powder and sieve it. Use raw or fried.

Zhu Dan TCM


Medicine part

The trilead tetraoxide made of lead.


Pungent, slightly cold, poisonous.


Return heart, spleen, liver channel.


External application: detoxification and granulation promoting, killing parasites and relieving itching.
Oral administration: falling phlegm to suppress convulsions, attack poison and intercept malaria.


Indications for carbuncles, ulcers, hemorrhage of gold sores, aphthous ulcers, cloudy eyes, burns caused by soup and fire, epilepsy, malaria, dysentery, vomiting and nausea.
① "Herbal Classic": main vomiting and stomach regurgitation, convulsions and epilepsy, removing heat and lowering qi.
② "Bie Lu": stop small convenience, detoxify heat umbilical spasm, gold sore hemorrhage.
③ "Properties of Medicine": control palpitations and wild walking, vomiting and thirst. Used as a decoction to relieve pain and promote granulation.
④ "Nihuazi Materia Medica": Calms the heart and calms the nerves, treats nausea, stops vomiting blood and coughing, applies gold sores, flesh growth, and decocts fire sores, dyes beard and hair, can be decocted.
⑤ "Materia Medica Yanyi": Treatment of malaria and long-term accumulation.
⑥ "Introduction to Medicine": Nausea, abdominal distension and pain in the main.

Medicinal properties

The medicinal material is orange-red or orange-yellow powder, dull and opaque. The color is orange-red, delicate and smooth, without coarse grains, and those that do not form lumps in water are the best.


Oral administration: into pills or powders, 2-3 minutes.
External application: grind into powder and sprinkle on eyes or blow throat.


Contraindicated for deficient cold and vomiting. This product is toxic and should not be taken in excess or continued to prevent accumulation of poisoning.
①"Materia Medica Classics": Those who vomit due to stomach deficiency and vomiting due to cold should not take it.
②"Compendium of Materia Medica": For those with epilepsy due to blood deficiency, don't throw it indiscriminately.

Zhu Dan benefits


Calm and soothe the nerves

Zhu Dan contains sedative ingredients, which can calm and soothe the nerves, and also have a certain anticonvulsant effect.

Detoxification and muscle regeneration

Zhu Dan has the effect of detoxification. When swelling and pain or skin redness occurs, using Huang Dan can speed up the metabolism of toxins in the human body, promote the regeneration of human tissue cells, and play the role of detoxification and muscle regeneration.

Treat malaria

Zhu Dan has the effect of cutting off malaria. Combined with Baicao Cream, grind it finely, take it on an empty stomach on the day of the onset, and take it with rice soup, it can receive a certain therapeutic effect.

Zhu Dan side effects 

Excessive consumption of Zhu Dan can cause poisoning.

1. Acute poisoning can be seen in the digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, urinary system and other multi-system symptoms.

2. Chronic poisoning can cause a series of neurasthenia syndromes, and severe lead poisoning encephalopathy can be caused.

Zhu Dan uses



Take an appropriate amount of Zhu Dan, and then use a grinder to grind Huang Dan into powder, and then take it with water, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice and speed up the peristalsis of the large intestine.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea in pregnant women

Use one black-bone egg, and open a small hole in the shell to let the white flow out, leaving only the yolk. Put five coins of Zhu Dan from the hole, stir well, seal it with mud, put it in fire ash to simmer to dry, and grind it into fine powder. For two dollars per serving, rice soup is given away.


Divide into equal portions with Zhu Dan and Baicao cream, grind finely. On the day of onset, take three qian on an empty stomach and send rice soup. Two doses can be cured. Adding rice or garlic to make pills is also effective.

Made into pills


Use four liang of Zhu Dan, add half a catty of rice vinegar, fry it dry, calcined red in charcoal fire, after cooling, grind it into powder, and make balls with rice, which are as big as Wuzi. Take seven pills per serving, and take the vinegar soup. This recipe is called "Bixia Dan".


Use two liang each of alum and Zhu Dan, and half liang of raw Shiting fat. First put the two medicines of dan and alum in a crucible, burn charcoal and calcined red, let it cool for two days, then add Shiting fat, grind it into powder, mix with a little rice, knead into balls, as big as mung beans. Take 15 pills a day and serve with rice soup.

Chibai diarrhea

Smash the jujube meat, add Zhu Dan and alum in equal parts, each as big as a saponin seed, add a little rice, and form a ball, as big as a marble. Put the balls through the iron wire, burn them thoroughly on the lamp, grind them into fine powder after cooling, and drink them with rice soup. Another recipe: lead red, fried into purple, add fried Coptis chinensis, each in equal parts. Grind finely, add paste to make pills, as big as pockmarks. Fifty pills per serving, ginger and licorice soup.

External use

Treat sores and pus

Zhu Dan is mainly used in powders and plasters for external use, and can be combined with vegetable oils. It is the base agent for making plasters and has a good detoxification and astringent effect. For example, experience Fanghong ointment, that is, use this product together with Jiuyidan (9 qian for plaster of paris, 1 qian for Zhu Dan), and mix it into the ointment.

Treat underarm odor

Divide lead red, light powder and alum in equal parts. Grind the above three traditional Chinese medicines into fine powder and apply to the affected area before going to bed.

Treat chapped skin

No matter how much Zhu Dan is used, add vinegar and grind it into a paste, rub it on the affected area, 3 times a day, and use it continuously for 1 week. The curative effect is satisfactory.

Treatment of thrush in children

First use clean gauze dipped in two washes of rice washing water to wash the mouth, and then dip a little Zhudan in gauze, and rub the affected area lightly, 2-3 times a day. A total of 28 cases were treated. The curative effect is remarkable, and usually heals within 2-4 days.

Treat eczema and dermatitis

Three different creams were made from Zhudan, lead powder, and Mituseng for external use, three times a day, for about 2 to 12 weeks, 82 cases of eczema and neurodermatitis were treated, and the total effective rate was 91.50%, which proved that the composition of the three groups of drugs The compound recipe has the functions of clearing away heat and dehumidification, astringing sores and relieving itching.

How to choose Zhu Dan?

Zhu Dan is an orange-red or orange-yellow powder, with dull luster, opaque, and heavy. When you rub it with your fingers, you will feel the sand grains at first, and then feel fine, which can make your fingers dyed orange-yellow. Has a metallic spicy taste. It is orange-red in color, fine and smooth, without coarse grains, and sees water. Those who do not become lumps are better.

How to buy Zhu Dan?

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