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Chuan Xin Lian

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What is Chuan Xin Lian?

Chuan Xin Lian (Scientific name: Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees), which is also called Andrographis paniculata, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. Also known as spring lotus and autumn willow, happy at first sight, elemi, bitter gall grass, golden vanilla, golden ear hook, Indian grass, bitter grass and so on. Annual herb, 4-8 cm long and 1-2.5 cm wide. Medicinal plant, bitter in taste, cold in nature. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing inflammation, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Commonly used for cold and fever, sore throat, aphtha of the mouth and tongue, cough and cough, diarrhea and dysentery, hot stranguria and astringent pain, carbuncle sores, snake bites.

Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata is bitter and dry, relieves cold and clears away, light and loose in quality, and enters the lung, stomach, large intestine and small intestine. It is good at clearing away heat and toxin, drying and removing dampness, and it also penetrates and dissipates. For all diseases caused by heat toxin or damp heat toxin, it can be used no matter whether it is above or below, inside or outside. In addition, it also detoxifies snakes.

Types of Chuan Xin Lian

Medicinal material Chuan Xin Lian

Medicinal material Chuan Xin Lian is the whole grass or leaves of the Acanthaceae plant Chuan Xin Lian. Also known as spring lotus and autumn willow, happy at first sight, elemi, bitter gall grass, golden vanilla, golden ear hook, Indian grass, bitter grass and so on.

Vegetable Chuan Xin Lian

You can usually find it in places that sell vegetables. Vegetable Chuan Xin Lian, also known as Lucao and Caitianqi. It can also be grown as a flower, like Chlorophytum.

Chuan Xin Lian lotus seeds

The lotus seed that removes the lotus bud in the middle of the Chuan Xin Lian lotus seed.

Growth environment of Chuan Xin Lian

Chuanxinlian is cultivated in various places in southern my country. It is commonly cultivated in Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, and Yunnan, and it is also introduced in Jiangsu and Shaanxi.

Chuanxinlian likes high temperature and humid climate. Hi sunny, hi fat. The optimum temperature for seed germination and seedling growth period is 25-30°C. When the temperature drops to 15-20°C, the growth will be slow; Fertile, loose, well-drained acidic and neutral sandy loam soils are suitable for cultivation, and alkaline soils with a pH of 8.0 can still grow normally.

Processing methods of Chuan Xin Lian

Collection and processing

Remove impurities, wash, cut into sections, and dry.

Processing method

Chuan Xin Lian is in irregular segments. Stems square columnar, nodes slightly enlarged. The cut surface is uneven, with white pith. The leaves are often shrunken or broken, and the intact ones are lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate after flattening, with apex acuminate, base wedge-shaped decelerating, entire or wavy; the upper surface is green, the lower surface is gray-green, and both sides are smooth. Slight gas, extremely bitter taste.

Chuan Xin Lian TCM


Medicine part

The dry aerial part of Andrographis paniculata.


Bitter in the mouth, cold in nature.


Return heart, lung, large intestine, bladder channel.


Heat-clearing and toxic substances removing, cooling blood and detumescence.


Chuan Xin Lian is used for cold and fever, sore throat, aphtha of the mouth and tongue, sudden cough and overworked cough, diarrhea and dysentery, astringent pain due to hot stranguria, carbuncle sores, and snake bites.

Physiological characteristics

Chuan Xin Lian, annual herb. Stem erect, with 4 material, multi-branched, branched at nodes, slightly enlarged at nodes, easy to break. Leaves opposite; leaves lanceolate to oblong, apex acuminate, base cuneate, margin shallowly wavy, both sides glabrous. Racemes terminal and axillary, integrated into a larger panicle; bracts and bracteoles tiny, lanceolate; calyx with glandular hairs; corolla lavender, 2-lipped, upper lip and bracteoles tiny, lanceolate Needle-shaped; calyx with glandular hairs; corolla lavender, 2-lipped, upper lip outer, 2-lobed, lower lip erect, 3-lobed, lobes imbricate, corolla tube as long as lip; stamens 2, protruding , anther 2 rooms, one large and one small, the base of the large one is bearded, and the filaments are hairy. Capsule is flat, oblong, about 25px long, with a ridge in the middle, slightly covered with glandular hairs. 12 seeds, square. The flowering period is from September to October, and the fruiting period is from October to November. Like hot and humid climate. Like full sun and fat.


6~9g. Appropriate amount for external use.


Use with caution in patients with yang deficiency syndrome and weak spleen and stomach.

Chuan Xin Lian benefits

Clear heat and detoxify

Chuan Xin Lian contains andrographolide, which can treat acute dysentery, bacillary dysentery, and infectious diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infection, acute and chronic tonsillitis, acute and chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, acute gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, otitis media, periodontitis and other infectious diseases, all have different degrees of curative effect. In addition, it is also effective for traumatic infections, such as pustules, boils, carbuncles or erysipelas.

Improve blood viscosity

Chuan Xin Lian has a good effect on anti-platelet aggregation, anti-thrombosis, and has a good effect on increasing myocardial blood flow and anti-myocardial infarction.

Cool blood and reduce swelling

Chuan Xin Lian can be used to treat lung abscess or cough, chest pain, or vomiting of pus and blood, that is, phlegm with pus and blood in it. It can be used in conjunction with Houttuynia cordata, coix seed, reed root, etc., for better effect.

Protect liver and gallbladder

Chuan Xin Lian has obvious anti-hepatic effect on liver damage, and can reduce serum transaminase, aspartate amino acid transferase and triglyceride, so does Chuan Xin Lian have a significant choleretic effect, and it is mostly used for gallstones and cholecystitis.


Especially for the primary lesions of malignant mole and choriocarcinoma, Chuan Xin Lian has a good therapeutic effect, and it also has a certain effect on the absorption of lung and vaginal metastases.

Chuan Xin Lian side effects 

Gastrointestinal discomfort

If a large amount of Chuan Xin Lian is used, it may cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. At this time, the gastric mucosa will be damaged to a certain extent. At this time, it may cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms in patients. At this time, patients need to pay attention to rest and do not perform heavy physical labor.

Loss of appetite

After the gastric mucosa is stimulated, the speed of gastric peristalsis will slow down. At this time, the patient's digestion ability will be relatively weak. At this time, the patient's appetite may be reduced. It is necessary to adjust the diet structure and try to eat foods that are easy to absorb.

Allergic reactions

People with allergies may have allergic reactions after using Chuan Xin Lian. At this time, it may cause symptoms of redness and itching on the patient's body skin, and may also induce asthma, urticaria, etc., you need to undergo relevant examinations before taking the medicine, and do not take medicine at will.

Chuan Xin Lian uses



Take an appropriate amount of Chuan Xin Lian, put it into a casserole and cook for 20 minutes.
The usual amount is 6-15g.

Made into powder or pill

Chuan Xin Lian Tablet

Chuan Xin Lian Tablet is a heat-clearing and detoxifying medicine, which is used for the treatment of pathogenic poison, cold and fever, sore throat, sore mouth and tongue, cough and labored cough, diarrhea and dysentery, hot dripping pain, carbuncle sores, snake bites and other symptoms. treat.

Chuan Xin Lian Wan

Chuan Xin Lian Wan, the name of Chinese patent medicine. Composed of Chuan Xin Lian. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. For sore throat, sore tongue.

Make Tea

Andrographis tea

Andrographis tea can clear away heat and detoxify. It is suitable for poisonous snake bites and boils.


There are dishes that eat Chuan Xin Lian, such as cold salad, stir-fry, etc., all have health benefits, and they play a role in health care.

External use

Take an appropriate amount of powder and apply it on the affected area to treat eczema and itching; or pound the fresh product and apply it on the affected area to treat carbuncle and sore.

How to choose Chuan Xin Lian?


The stem is square, multi-branched, 50cm-70cm long, and the nodes are slightly enlarged; the quality is brittle and easy to break.


The leaves are shrunken, fragile, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate after unfolding, 3cm-12cm long, 2cm-5cm wide, pointed at the apex, wedge-shaped at the base, entire or wavy, green above, Gray-green below, shiny on both sides. Those with green color and many leaves are better.


Slight gas, extremely bitter taste.

How to buy Chuan Xin Lian?

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