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Shi Yan

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What is Shi Yan?

Shi Yan is a traditional Chinese medicine name. It is the fossil of a variety of relatives such as the Paleozoic brachiopod Cyrtiopirifersinensis (Graban) and Cyrtiopirifersp. It is distributed in Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shanxi, and Jiangxi and produced in Zhejiang. It removes dampness and heat, facilitates urination, and reduces eye cataracts. It is used for gonorrhea, dysuria, dysuria, blood in urine, chilblains, intestinal wind and hemorrhoids, and cataracts of the eyes.

Shi Yan TCM

Shiyan TCM


Shi Yan refers to the fossils of a variety of relatives including the Paleozoic brachiopod Shi Yan and the archaeopteryx Shiyan.


Taste sweet, salty, cool in nature.


It belongs to the kidney and bladder meridians.


Eliminating dampness and heat, promoting urination, and reducing the opacity of the eyes.

Main Treatment

For gonorrhea, dysuria, dysuria, blood in urine, children's chilblains, intestinal wind and hemorrhoids, and eye opacities.

Shi Yan is a mineral medicine in Chinese medicine containing calcium carbonate, phosphorus and silica as its main ingredients. It is also used in the treatment of gonorrhea, dysuria, blood in urine, paediatric noma, haemorrhoids, anal fistula and other conditions.

Usage and dosage

Internal use: decoction, 3-9g; or ground juice; 1.5-3g.

External use: appropriate amount, grind with water and dot the eyes; or grind and apply.

Note for use

For weak bodies, without damp-heat and pregnant women, take with caution.


Collection and processing
After excavation, remove the mud from the surface.
Shi YanTake the original herb, wash, dry, and pound.
Calcined Shi YanTake the net Shiyan, pound, and placed it in a suitable refractory container, heated with smokeless fire, and calcined until red, removed, cool, and research into fine powder or water fly very fine powder.
Vinegar quenching Shi YanTake net stone swallow, put it in a suitable fireproof container, heat it with smokeless fire, calcine it until it is red, put it into vinegar immediately after taking it out, fish it out, dry it, and grind it fine. For each 100kg of stone swallow, use 30kg of vinegar.


Characteristic of the herb
Shi Yan resembles intact corrugated seeds. It is 2-4cm long, 1.5-3.5cm wide, 1.5-2cm thick, and greenish gray to earthy brown. Both sides have radiating texture from the back end to the front edge, with one side of the baseless convex than the other, and a triangular-shaped bulge in the middle; the other side has a groove with the corresponding shape of the bulge, and the texture of the groove is finer, and the front end of the groove is slightly curved downward and protrudes in a semi-circular arc. The texture is hard and can be smashed, and the cross-section is rough, earthy yellow, or greenish white, with a shining star-like luster when illuminated. The smell is slight, the taste is light. The shape is like an ark, green and black, hard texture without miscellaneous stones is better.
Characteristic of the tablets
Calcined stone swallow is a greenish-gray or gray-brown fine powder. Vinegar stone swallow for gray-brown fine powder, crisp texture, with vinegar gas.

Shi Yan benefits

Clearing heat and dampness, diuretic and swelling, clearing heat toxicity

Clearing heat and promoting dampness

Shi Yan has the effect of clearing heat and dampness and is clinically used to treat jaundice caused by dampness and heat, urinary inconvenience, fever, and feeling wind-cold and dampness.

Diuretic and anti-swelling

Shiyan has a diuretic effect on swelling, can help the body to discharge excess water and toxins, and promote the metabolism of blood and water.

Clearing heat and toxicity, reducing eye opacity

Shi Yan herb is bitter, cold, and salty, which can cool the blood and remove heat and detoxify fire and heat.

Application of Shi Yan

Yan Zi Shi

Sea Clam Dispersion

Ingredients15 grams of stone swallow, 45 grams of sea clam, 15 grams of fish brain stone, 3 grams of fried white salt, 5 white onions, 2 grams of licorice.
DirectionsMix the above herbs and grind them together into coarse powder, add 500 ml of water, decoct to 200 ml, remove the residue and take warm before meals, 1 dose daily.
EffectsTreating difficulty in passing urine, body heat and thirst.

Kai Guang Fu Ming Pills

IngredientsStone cassia (raw) 1 tael 5 money, chrysanthemum 2 taels, Huang Lian 1 tael, grass saffron 1 tael, peach kernel (peeled) 1 tael, angelica tail 1 tael, scutellaria 1 tael, bile grass 1 tael, stone swallow 1 tael, rhubarb (wine fried) 1 tael, white tribulus terrestris (salt fried) 4 tael, vermilion 2 money, amber 2 money, pig bitter bile 5.
MethodExcept for vermilion and amber, make fine powder together and pass through the lo; then blend in vermilion and amber, and make a pill with refined honey, weighing 1 yuan and 5 minutes.
EffectsClearing heat and dispersing wind, brightening eyes and reducing opacity.
FunctionTreating cloudy cataracts, fire eyes, tears in the wind, fear of the sun and shyness of the eyes, redness, swelling and itching of the eyes.
UsageTake 2 pills per dose, 2 times a day, with warm water.


Ingredients1 tael, 3 taels of sunflower seeds, 2 taels of stone swallow, 2 taels of slippery stone.
MethodThe above is fine powder, research over.
UsageTake 1 yuan per dose and mix with white onion soup before eating.
EffectsTreats women with heat forming lung, painful urination, or blood drowning. Or as small bean juice.

Bo Yun San

IngredientsPearl 5 points, bile alum 5 points, stone swallow (vinegar calcination) 5 points, Palace borax (fly over) 5 points, amber 5 points, 5 points, Malice 5 points, frankincense 5 points, blood 5 points, stone crab 1 money, cinnabar 1 money, Huanglian 1 money, large brain half points, furnace glycolite (fire calcination, child stool quenching) 5 Qian.
MethodThe above is very fine powder, with porcelain storage.
UsageAfter washing the eyes with cool water, use the silver hairpin to pick the medicine point eyes, a long time is effective. If you make a paste, mix it with honey.
EffectsTreats all wind-heat swelling and pain in the eyes, dimness and uncertainty, and blossom and cataract, or redness and redness of heat, and unbearable pain.

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