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Mo Li Hua

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What is Mo Li Hua?

Mo Li Hua (scientific name: Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton), which is also called Jasmine or Jasmine flower, is an erect or climbing shrub of Oleaceae and Frangipani, up to 3 meters high. Opposite leaves, simple leaves, papery leaves, round, oval, oval-elliptic or obovate, rounded or blunt at both ends, sometimes slightly cordate at the base, slightly concave or concave at the top, convex at the bottom, thin Veins are often conspicuous on both sides, slightly raised, glabrous except for tufts in the axils of lower veins; lobes oblong to nearly round, apex round or obtuse. Fruit spherical, purple-black. The flowers of jasmine are very fragrant, and they are important flavor raw materials and famous scented tea raw materials; the leaves and flowers are used medicinally to treat red eyes, swelling and pain, and have the effect of reducing phlegm and relieving cough.

Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the flower of jasmine of Oleaceae plant. When the flowers first bloom around July, harvest them on sunny days and dry them in the sun. store in dry place.

Types of Jasmine

Single-lobed jasmine

The single-lobed jasmine plant is 70-90 cm high, with thin stems and branches, in the shape of a vine, so it is called "Fujimoto jasmine". The single-petal jasmine buds open early, and the volt flowers generally open at 6-7 in the evening. The jasmine tea scented with single-lobed jasmine has a strong aroma and a fresh taste.

Double-lobe jasmine

Double-lobe jasmine is the main variety cultivated in large areas in China. The height of the plant is 1-1.5 meters. It is an erect shrub, multi-branched, and the stems and branches are thick and hard. The flower buds open about 2 hours later than the single-petal jasmine, and the volt flowers generally open around 8-9 pm, and the natural fragrance can be delayed for more than ten hours. Double-petal jasmine has tough branches, strong stress resistance, relatively cold and humidity resistance, easy cultivation, and high yield per unit area.

Multi-lobed jasmine

The multi-lobed jasmine branches have more obvious verrucous protrusions. The volt flowers of multi-petal jasmine mostly open at 7-8 in the evening, and mostly open 1-2 layers first, and the rest just bloom the next day. There are also those that are not open and withered. The multi-petal jasmine blooms for a long time, with a weaker fragrance and less yield. However, it has strong drought tolerance and grows robustly in dry land on hillsides.

Growth environment of Mo Li Hua

Molihua was originally produced in India, southern China and widely cultivated all over the world. It is planted in subtropical regions widely now. It is mainly distributed in Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and countries along the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Italy, and France, and is cultivated in Southeast Asian countries.

Molihua likes warmth and humidity, and grows best in a semi-shady, well-ventilated environment. The soil is most suitable for slightly acidic sandy soil containing a lot of humus. Most varieties are afraid of drought and cold, and are not tolerant to frost, wetness and alkaline soil. The deciduous vines are very cold and drought tolerant.

Processing methods of Mo Li Hua

Collection and processing

When the flowers first bloom around July, harvest them on a sunny day, remove impurities, and dry them in the sun.

Mo Li Hua TCM

Medicine part

Dried flowers of the plant.


Pungent, slightly sweet, warm.


Return spleen, stomach, liver channel.


Regulates qi, relieves depression, eliminates foulness, and neutralizes.


For treating diarrhea abdominal pain, conjunctivitis, sore.


Oral administration: decoction, 1.5-3g; or make tea. 
External application: decocted in water to wash eyes or soaked in vegetable oil for ear drops.

Physiological characteristics

Dried flowers, 1.5-2 cm long, about 1 cm in diameter, white when fresh, yellowish-brown to brown when dry, slightly darker at the base of the corolla tube; the buds at the end of the opening are all tightly folded into a spherical shape, the calyx is tubular, with thin There are 8 to 10 long cleft teeth, and there are longitudinal shrinkage stripes on the outer surface, which are sparsely short-haired; the petals are elliptic, the apex is mucronate or blunt, and the base unites into a tubular shape. The gas is fragrant and the taste is astringent. It is better to be pure and white.

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2. "Suixiju Diet Spectrum": harmonize the middle and lower qi, and prevent filth and turbidity. Treat diarrhea and abdominal pain.
3. "New Ginseng in Decoction Pieces": calming the liver and regulating qi, relieving depression and relieving pain.

Mo Li Hua benefits

Warming the stomach

Mo Li Hua is cold in nature, light in taste, relieves flatulence, pungent in taste, sweet in taste, and warm in nature. Good anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

Clear liver and eyesight

Mo Li Hua has the functions of clearing the liver and promoting body fluid, improving eyesight and quenching thirst, treating dysentery and eliminating phlegm, clearing water, dispelling wind and relieving the exterior, treating fistula, strengthening teeth, benefiting energy, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the heart, preventing caries and radiation damage, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory The effect of aging makes people prolong life and maintain physical and mental health.

Regulate Qi and soothe the nerves

Mo Li Hua has the effects of calming the mind, moisturizing the skin, and fragrant the skin. Its fragrance is pleasant, and it is also helpful for constipation, making defecation smooth, improving drowsiness and anxiety, and is also effective for chronic stomach problems and menstrual disorders. Gastrointestinal discomfort, uterine health, dizziness and calm the nerves, can stabilize emotions and relieve depression.


Mo Li Hua has antibacterial, anti-asthma, anti-cancer, relaxing muscles and blood circulation, dispelling wind and cold, invigorating the spleen and stomach, strengthening the heart and liver, lowering blood pressure, tonifying the kidney and strengthening essence. People with chronic bronchitis should drink more.

Lose weight

The combination of Mo Li Hua and pink roses has a slimming effect, especially helps to expel toxins from the body, moistens dry skin, and improves hair and beauty.

Mo Li Hua side effects 

1. Mo Li Hua is spicy and warm, and it is hot inside. Those who suffer from dryness and constipation should eat it with caution. People with heat poisoning are forbidden to drink it. Pregnant women are forbidden to drink it.

2. Drinking too much Mo Li Hua cha at one time or drinking jasmine tea on an empty stomach will make people hungry and even dizzy. Drinking jasmine tea immediately after a meal will affect digestion.

Mo Li Hua uses



Jasmine potted plant

Mo Li Hua, a small evergreen shrub, has emerald green leaves, white flowers, and strong fragrance. It is a common garden and potted ornamental aromatic flower. It can also be processed into decorations such as garlands.


Jasmine essential oil

Mo Li Hua is fragrant and can extract jasmine oil, which is the raw material for making essence. Jasmine oil is worth a lot, equivalent to the price of gold. Jasmine can also be smoked to make tea, or steamed to extract juice, which can replace rose dew. Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jinhua and other places in the south of the Yangtze River have long been used as smoked tea spices for production.


Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is a special product of Fuzhou City. It is a tea variety that is scented with special crafted tea or refined green tea dregs and jasmine flowers. In tea classification, jasmine tea still belongs to green tea.
Jasmine tea has the effect and effect of removing cold evils and assisting depression, and is the top grade of tea drinking in spring. Tea contains a large number of compounds that are beneficial to human health. Such as catechin, vitamin C, a, caffeine, flavanols, Tea Polyphenols etc.


Jasmine flower, Jasmine leaf and Jasmine root can be used medicinally. Generally, the roots are dug after autumn, sliced and dried in the sun for later use; flowers are collected in summer and autumn, and dried for later use.
Root (Jasmine root): bitter, warm. poisonous. Anesthesia, pain relief. Used for bone loss, dental caries, headache, insomnia.
Leaf (Jasmine leaf): pungent, cool. Clearing away heat and detoxifying the surface. For exogenous fever, abdominal distension and diarrhea.
Flower (Jasmine flower): pungent, sweet, warm. Regulates qi, relieves depression, eliminates foulness, and neutralizes. For diarrhea abdominal pain, conjunctival congestion and swelling, sores.

How to choose Mo Li Hua?


In most cases, good-quality Mo Li Hua cha, the raw materials selected for production have good tenderness, and the fluff on the buds and leaves looks obvious, while the raw materials of poor-quality jasmine tea seem to be not tender enough, the tea sticks are loose, and the buds and leaves are loose. uneven between.


Good-quality Mo Li Hua tea has a strong tea fragrance, which contains jasmine and tea fragrance, and the fragrance is strong and long-lasting, while the fragrance of poor-quality jasmine tea is not pure enough, contains certain miscellaneous flavors, and the fragrance of flowers is not long-lasting.


Good-quality jasmine tea is relatively resistant to brewing, and the concentration of floral fragrance is still obvious when brewing for the second time. After brewing for more than five times, the fragrance of flowers is still strong, while for poor-quality jasmine tea, after brewing for more than three times, the fragrance of flowers will be very weak.

How to buy Mo Li Hua?

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