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Si Mian

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What is Si Mian?

Si Mian, which is also called Silk floss or Silk cotton, the name of Chinese medicinal materials. Si Mian pinyin Sī Mián. Alias cotton ("Materia Medica Supplements"), silkworm cotton ("Yi Lin Zhuan Yao"). Source "Outline". The main component of silk Mian is animal protein fiber, which contains dozens of amino acids, and is a green and environmentally friendly product. Mulberry silk will not touch pesticides and other chemicals during the growth of silkworms, so it is impossible to be harmful to the body. Silk cotton is the standard non-polluting product.

Silk floss

Silk floss is a finished product that is refined and loosened from silkworm cocoon scraps. Function cures mainly: controls hematemesis, epistaxis, hematochezia, metrorrhagia, hemorrhoid, traumatic bleeding, ear, frostbite. ① "Supplements to Materia Medica": One or two new cottons, burnt into black powder, under wine, treat five hemorrhoids. The cotton wadding in the clothes is the main cause of bleeding and fright (golden) sores bleeding, take a handful, boil the juice and take it warm. ②"Compendium": Cotton ash mainly hematemesis, epistaxis, bleeding, metrorrhagia, red and white vaginal discharge, malnutrition, umbilical sores, and ears. ③ "Yi Lin Zhuan Yao": burn ashes and apply chilblains in nature to mend cracks.

Processing methods of Si Mian

Collection and processing

When making Si Mian, the silkworm cocoons are first boiled and soaked in clean water, then the silkworm chrysalis in the cocoon are taken out, the cocoon shell is peeled off and loosened, and then bandaged on the fist. After stretching to five or six layers, it expands into a bag shape, puts it on a special semicircular bamboo bow, washes it, takes it off, hangs it on a string to dry, and after drying, it becomes white as jade. Like a bow-shaped cotton pocket. First, the cotton bag must be pulled into a piece of cotton, and then two people face each other to hold one end of the piece of cotton, and skillfully pull it hard into layers of silk.

Si Mian TCM

Medicine part

The finished product that is refined and loosened by using silkworm cocoon scraps.


Bitter, cold.


Return heart, liver, spleen three warps.


Clearing away heat-phlegm, reducing swelling and treating sores, promoting diuresis for reducing swelling, removing blood stasis and stopping bleeding.


Control hematemesis, epistaxis, hematochezia, metrorrhagia, hemorrhoids, traumatic bleeding, eczema, frostbite.

Related Compatibility

①Treating hematemesis and epistaxis: burn cotton ashes and make batter. Mix it with sake. ("Pujifang")
② Treatment of lung damage and hematemesis: Xinmian (burned ashes, ground), yellow gelatin (dried, pounded into powder). Divide the two flavors into equal parts, grind well. Take a penny dagger for each serving, and drink glutinous rice before lying down. (Mianjiao Powder from "Sanji Zonglu")
③Treating hematemesis and hemoptysis: one tael of Xinmian (burned ashes), yellow gelatin (sunburned to make it dry), Phellodendron Phellodendri (removed rough bark, roasted with honey, as the powder) each one or two. The three herbs are finely ground. Each serving is a penny dagger, mixed with rehmannia glutinosa juice and glutinous rice, and taken in bed after eating. ("Sanji Zonglu" scattered ashes)
④ Treatment of metrorrhagia: Haomian, women's hair (commonly burned), and Baicao cream are divided into equal parts. for the end. Take three qian per serving, drink with warm wine, or add brown ash. ("Outline")
⑤ To treat swollen ears, pus and blood will not stop: so the burnt ashes of cotton are the end, and wrapped in the ear. ("Sheng Huifang")


Oral administration: burn into powder, 0.5-1 qian.
External application: powdered for burning or to be applied.

Si Mian benefits

Control hematemesis, epistaxis, hematochezia, metrorrhagia, hemorrhoids, traumatic bleeding, eczema, frostbite.
① "Supplements to Materia Medica": "One or two new cotton, burn it into black powder, drink it, and control five hemorrhoids." Take it."
②"Compendium": "Cotton ash mainly vomits blood, epistaxis, bleeding, metrorrhagia, red and white discharge, malnutrition, umbilical sores, and ear."
③ "Yilin Zhuanyao": "burned ashes can be deposited on chilblains, and can repair cracks."

Si Mian side effects 

Slight difficulty breathing, slight sneezing.

Si Mian uses


Made into powder or pill

Congenital Butai Wan

Composition: ginseng (removing reed) 3 qian, raw astragalus 3 qian, angelica 2 qian, white peony root 7 qian, Chuanxiong 4 qian, rehmannia glutinosa 1 qian, amomum 4 qian, burnt Atractylodes macrocephala 1 qian, scutellaria baicalensis 7 qian, Eucommia charcoal ( Stir-fried with salt) 7 qian, Dipsacus 7 qian, raw yam 8 qian, moi charcoal 3 qian, paeonol 7 qian, dodder seed 5 qian, licorice 3 qian, Guangpi 5 qian, Cyperus cyperi (made from vinegar) 1 tael, jujube meat 1 tael, Si Mian charcoal 1 qian.
Efficacy and Indications: Tonic. Invigorating Qi, nourishing blood, and preventing miscarriage. Abdominal pain during pregnancy, weakness of spleen and stomach, edema of limbs, soreness of waist and legs, fullness of chest and hypochondrium.
Prescription usage: Take 1 pill per serving, take it with plain water.
The source of the prescription: "National Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription Collection" (Tianjin prescription).
Herb formula: silk floss, ginseng, yam, Eucommia, licorice, Atractylodes macrocephala, white peony root, Amomum seed, Dipsacus, dodder, Cyperus cyperi, Astragalus root, Scutellaria baicalensis.

Zhengcheng Dan

Composition: transparent cinnabar (grind very finely, use licorice water for each sand and decoct 1 liang of decoction to fly clean, remove the head and bottom, dry in the sun, grind again and fly again, 3 times is the degree), pig heart blood (squeezed with Si Mian to remove dregs), where sand is used for 1 dual-purpose 3 pieces, 1 piece each time, mixed with sand and dried, then mixed and then dried, 3 pieces are used up, and then ground into very fine powder).
Efficacy and Indications: Heat-clearing agent. Worrying and worrying, fire palpitations, vigilance and insomnia, forgetfulness when things happen.
Prescription usage: Take 1 pill to hold and melt when facing writing or lying down.
The source of the prescription: "Chongqing Tang Essays" volume.
Herbal formula: silk floss, pig heart, licorice.

Build muscle powder

Composition: 1 tael of pearl, 3 qian of frankincense, 3 qian of dried blood, 1 qian of hair (calcined ash), 1 qian of Si Mian (calcined ash), 1 qian of borneol.
Efficacy and indications: heat-clearing agent. Malnutrition sores, malnutrition.
The source of the prescription: Volume 6 of "Jade Case"
Herbal formula: pearl, frankincense, dried blood, silk floss, borneol.

Make clothes

Silk floss is a kind of cotton-like clothing and quilt material, which is processed from the messy silk on the surface of the cocoon. Si Mian is made from waste cocoons and floating silk on the surface of cocoon shells, after refining, dissolving sericin and loosening the fibers. It has good warmth retention and can be used as clothing and quilts.
Wang Chong of the Han Dynasty "Lunheng·Beitong": "Everything in the interior is won by the box, and it is also cloth and silk."
"Southern History Liang Linchuan Jinghui Wang Hong Biography": "The emperor and Tuo Qing counted more than 300 million yuan, and Yuwu stored cloth, silk, cotton, lacquer, honey, wax, cinnamon, yellow crumbs and miscellaneous goods, but the warehouse was full, and I don't know how much."

Make quilt

Silk floss quilt

Silk floss is delicate and smooth to the touch, and quilts made of this kind of silk are soft and close to the body. The silk quilt is very fluffy, with better warmth retention and air permeability. Silk floss quilt is not suitable for cleaning. Silk quilt is a kind of mulberry silk, which is the silk on the surface of silkworm chrysalis. This material is a pure natural animal fiber material. This fabric cannot be washed with water. Once washed with water, it will appear The silk cotton fabric will be deformed, and the silk cotton quilt with uneven thickness will appear, and it will not keep warm.

How to choose Si Mian?


See if the Si Mian is delicate, smooth and tough. Stretch the silk with your hands to see its length and strength, and then burn it with a lighter to see if it smells like burnt protein, and the silk will not spontaneously ignite. If you put the fire on it, it will only Burn it there, it will turn into ashes after burning, and it will not form cakes.


The smell of Si Mian is a bit smelly, because it belongs to animal protein fiber, not musty or chemical.


The touch of Si Mian is soft and delicate.

How to buy Si Mian?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Si Mian, if you are interested in Simian, Silk floss & Silk wadding, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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