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Fa Cai

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What is Fa Cai?

Fa Cai, scientific name: Nostoc flagelliforme Flah.[Nematonostoc flagelliforme( Flah.) Flenk], which is also called Black moss, is the algae plant of Nostocaceae, Nostoc genus, algae hair-like, straight or curved, brown, It is brownish black when dry. Many algal bodies often form clusters. Widely distributed all over the world, it grows in barren areas of arid and semi-arid land at an altitude of 1000-2800 meters. It is named for its black and slender like human hair, and it is edible. It is a national first-level key protected wild plant. [1] The economic value of Nostoc is very high. Its protein content is higher than that of eggs and meat, and it also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus and other mineral elements. Treatment of hypertension, gynecological diseases and other diseases.

Black moss

Black moss, the name of Chinese medicinal materials. This product is the algal body of Nostoc algae plant. Harvesting and storage: Harvest in the morning or on cloudy days in late autumn, early winter and early spring, and air-dry for later use. Functions and indications are: nourishing blood; inducing diuresis to lower blood pressure; resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Deficiency of blood in housewives; hypertension; cough with excessive phlegm.

Types of Fa Cai

Fa Cai

Fa Cai is black and mainly belongs to terrestrial algae belonging to the phylum Cyanobacteria. It has the growth characteristics of high temperature resistance, cold resistance and drought resistance. It mostly grows in dry and barren desert areas such as Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia. It is produced in large quantities in late summer and early autumn every year. The content of trace elements and medicinal ingredients in hair vegetables is relatively large, and its main function is to detoxify, clear away heat and delay aging.

Sea Fa Cai

Sea Fa Cai is green, grows in seawater, reproduces very fast, and artificial breeding is also very simple. Haifa has high nutritional value, contains protein and trehalose and other nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, can nourish the body and promote body metabolism.

Growth environment of Fa Cai

Facai is distributed in China, France, Russia, Mongolia, the United States, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Morocco, Somalia, Algeria, etc. certain limitations and specificities). China is mainly distributed in Qinghai, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces.

Facai grows in a desert environment and does not have strict requirements on the terrain. It is distributed in mountains, beams, sources, platforms and flat lands. In the steppe belt, it is mostly concentrated on the top of calcareous hills and dry sunny hills; The sunny slopes of hills on the plain plane; in the desert steppe and steppe desert zone, it is mostly on the edge of wide valley depressions in the layered high plain or on the gentle slopes connected by wide valley depressions, and it is rare on sunny slopes or shaded places. Lettuce mainly grows in low hills, gentle slopes between mountains, flat wasteland, and alluvial plains between mountains. Most of the hills and wastelands where Nostocella grows are parent materials of Quaternary loess. And in the habitats of farmland, desert, swamp, meadow, and salt marsh, no Nostocs was found to grow.

Processing methods of Fa Cai

Collection and processing

Fa Cai can be harvested all year round, but it is best in late autumn, early winter and early spring. Because other aboveground plants are dead at this time, it is good for harvesting. In the early morning and on cloudy days, the lettuce is soft, not easy to pull off, and easy to find, which is a good opportunity for harvesting. After it rains, wait until the surface turns white and the soil is not sticky before harvesting. Otherwise, the lettuce contains a lot of water and is easy to stick to the soil, which will affect the quality.

Fa Cai TCM

Medicine part

The algal body of Nostoc algae plant.


Sweet in the mouth, cold in nature.


Return liver, kidney, lung, stomach, urinary bladder channel.


Enrich blood; diuretic and lower blood pressure; reduce phlegm and relieve cough.


Deficiency of blood in housewives; hypertension; cough with excessive phlegm.

Morphological characteristics of plants

In a humid environment, the plant body is surrounded by a colloidal sheath and forms an irregular block with a diameter of 3-5cm. Often, each group is connected into a sheet with a diameter of up to 30cm. The algae cells in the body are round, with a diameter of 4-5μm, blue-green. Heteromorphic cells are large, round, transparent, with a diameter of 8-14 μm, and the asexual state of algae nutrition is common, so it is very easy to find a division group composed of multiple small cells in the cell. After the mother cell ruptures, a new single-row long chain is formed. , Conceived in a common rubber sheath.

Medicinal properties

The algae are clustered, 3-5cm in diameter, whip-shaped at the elongation, black, and intertwined by algae filaments. Slight gas, light taste. Microscopic identification shows that the outer colloidal sheath of algal filaments is obvious, layered, and the edge is yellowish brown. The cells are short barrel-shaped, 4-5 μm wide; heterocysts are nearly spherical, 5-6 μm wide; the number of spores is variable.


Oral administration: decoction, 30-60g; or appropriate amount, as food.


1. It is not suitable for patients with rubella and rheumatic arthralgia. Nostoc is a hair product, which will aggravate the condition after eating.
2. It is not suitable for people with internal injuries and chronic diseases, as it will cause old diseases and cause physical discomfort.

Fa Cai benefits

Fa Cai is sweet in taste, cold in nature, non-toxic, and enters the Liver, Kidney, and Bladder Channels. It has the functions of promoting urination, clearing heat and eliminating stagnation, softening and resolving stagnation, regulating intestines and descaling, detoxifying and nourishing, removing dampness and greasy, and lowering blood pressure. According to records in Chinese medicine books, Fa Cai has certain effects on diseases such as goiter, lymphatic tuberculosis, beriberi, epistaxis, iron deficiency anemia, high blood pressure, and gynecological diseases.

Prevent iron deficiency anemia

Fa Cai are rich in iron, which plays an important role in preventing iron deficiency anemia.

Regulating nerves

Nostoc flagelliforme has the effect of regulating nerves, and can be used as an auxiliary therapeutic food for diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, and chronic bronchitis.

Prevent goiter

The iodine content in Black moss is higher than that of other common foods. Regular consumption can play a very good role in preventing goiter.

Beauty and weight loss

The fat content in Black moss is relatively low, which has a good weight loss effect. In addition, it is also a good beauty product. It has effects on diseases with damaged nerve endings, rosacea, pigmentation, lupus erythematosus, alopecia areata, psoriasis, etc. Certain curative effect.

Promote wound healing

After the patients after the operation eat Fa Cai, the wound can be healed as soon as possible, and it also has a certain effect on malnutrition and chronic bronchitis.

Fa Cai side effects 

Fa Cai has no side effects and can be eaten with confidence, but the amount should be controlled, just in moderation.

Fa Cai uses



Fa Cai can be served in soup with ingredients such as abalone, scallops, shrimp, chicken, duck, and fish balls.

Fa Cai Fish Ball Soup

Ingredients: cauliflower, fish balls, Black moss, sliced meat.
①Break the cauliflower into small florets by hand, soak and drain the water, add salt and yam flour or gorgon powder to the meat slices, and wash the fish balls for later use.
② Pour an appropriate amount of bone broth into the pot and bring to a boil.
③After putting in the cauliflower and boiling, put in the fish balls and roll, then put in the meat slices and disperse.
④ After boiling the pot, add salt, put the hair vegetables and turn off the heat.



Fa Cai can be fried with dried shrimps and eggs, or cut into small pieces as a cold appetizer, or mixed with minced pork to make meatballs, or rolled with oily skin and fried with vegetables.


Add garlic and ginger to a hot pan until fragrant, then add green vegetables and salt, stir well, add Fa Cai, add water and simmer until the juice is reduced, then add chicken essence and serve.


Soak and wash the Black moss in advance, then chop them, peel and chop shallots, put them on a plate with eggs and flour, then add seasoning, add water and let it stand, fry the noodles in hot oil until they are set, turn them over and fry them again.


Soak 100 grams of Sea Fa Cai in clear water until softened, cut into sections, then cut carrots and cucumbers into shreds, mince coriander and garlic, put all the processed ingredients together, add white vinegar and soy sauce and Mix the salt together thoroughly, and add sesame oil to enhance the taste at the end.

Side dish

Fa Cai is also mostly used as an auxiliary material in making other cauliflower.


When making it, you can pre-process your favorite porridge ingredients such as rice and basmati rice, add water to cook the porridge, then wash the Fa Cai, cut them into small pieces, put them in the pot and cook for about ten minutes, add appropriate amount of salt or sugar for seasoning, mix well, take it out and put it in a bowl, and eat it after cooling down.

How to choose Fa Cai?


Observed with the naked eye, the color of the real Fa Cai is gray-black, while the color of the wig hair dish is jet black, dark brown or greenish brown.


The real Fa Cai is silky and has very uniform mesh fineness, which is covered by transparent colloid; even if the fake Nostoc is silky and has colloid, it cannot achieve uniform distribution of fineness.


Real Fa Cai sink quickly when put into the water, and the color is light yellow; wig hair vegetables sink slowly, and the color of the water will turn blue-black.


Real Black moss are fragrant and have a crisp taste; wig hair vegetables have none.

How to buy Fa Cai?

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