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Fu Ba

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What is Fu Ba?

Fu Ba, which is also called Tofu crust, the name of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the scorched bottom of the pot when the soy milk is boiled. It has the effects of invigorating the stomach and eliminating stagnation, clearing away heat and treating stranguria. For nausea, dysentery, intestinal wind bleeding, leukorrhagia, stranguria, blood wind sores.

Tofu crust

The traditional " Tofu crust" is the pulp formed by the tofu pulp at the bottom of the pot, also called Guo Zhi. It is a by-product produced in the process of making tofu and is a traditional folk delicacy.
Regarding tofu crispy rice, it is said in "Medicine Properties Test": "Whet the appetite, eliminate stagnation, and accumulate"; "Compendium of Materia Medica Supplements" says: "Treat stranguria, nourish blood"; folks often use tofu crispy rice for gastrointestinal disorders, dysentery and women. Diet therapy for postpartum weakness, backache and other symptoms. Modern research shows that soy products have very high nutritional and health value, and are functional foods, which has been recognized by people.
Appropriate crowd: Because there are no additives, thin skin, and easy to digest, it is suitable for all kinds of people to eat.

Growth environment of Soybean

Soybean, also known as Dashu. Annual erect herb, 60-180cm high. Stems stout, densely brown long bristles. The petiole is long, with dense yellow long bristles; the stipules are small, lanceolate; the three compound leaves, the terminal leaflets are diamond-shaped ovate, 7-13cm long, 3-6cm wide, apex acuminate, base broad cuneate or round, with white villous hairs on both sides, the lateral leaflets are smaller, obliquely ovate; the rachis and small petioles are densely covered with yellow villous hairs. Racemes axillary; bracts and bracteoles lanceolate, hairy; calyx campanulate, calyx teeth 5, lanceolate, the lower tooth is the longest, densely covered with white villous hairs; corolla small, white or pale Purple, slightly longer than calyx; flag petal apex slightly concave, wing petal with 1 ear, keel petal-shaped; stamens 10, disomed; ovary linear, hairy. Pods oblong, slightly curved, drooping, yellow-green, with dense yellow hirsute hairs. Seeds 2-5, yellow-green or black, ovate to nearly spherical, about 1cm long. The flowering period is June-July, and the fruiting period is August-October.

Soybeans are widely cultivated throughout the country.

Processing methods of Fu Ba

Collection and processing

Soybeans are generally used, soaked in water for about 1 day (it can be shorter in summer), after the beans are soaked, grind them with water, filter out the dregs, boil them in a pot, and make bean curd paste, then add bittern or gypsum, that is, Congeal the bean curd flower, then wrap it with a cloth, squeeze out part of the water, and Fuba becomes.

Fuba is produced in the rolling process. After all the tofu curds are removed, you can see a layer of tofu crispy sticking tightly to the bottom of the pot. The crispy rice turns yellow and burnt under the residual temperature of the fire, and if it is not scooped up in time, it will become mushy and black. Shovel it with a spatula, and the tofu crust will fall off. Generally, it is best when it is burnt yellow. It is slightly bitter in the mouth, but the aftertaste is slightly sweet after chewing.


Medicine part

The scorched bottom of the pot when the soy milk is boiled.


Bitter, sweet, cool.


Return stomach meridian.


Invigorating the stomach and eliminating stagnation, clearing away heat and treating stranguria.


For nausea, dysentery, intestinal wind bleeding, leukorrhagia, stranguria, blood wind sores.


Oral administration: into powder, 3-9g; or into pills or powders. External application: appropriate amount, powdered for applying.

Related discussion

1. "Medicinal Properties Test": appetizing, eliminating stagnation, and eliminating stagnation.
2. "Supplements to the Outline": control stranguria, nourish blood.

Fu Ba benefits

1. Treat stomach upset
Both tofu and Fu Ba are very good. They are fried and ground into powder. Each serving of Sanqian is served with sugar soup and white soup. ("Shen Fang Zhen Ji")

2. Treatment of dysentery
Chen Dongmi (fried) and Fu Ba are divided into fine powder, and the hollow white soup is mixed with Sanqian. After taking it, you should be hungry for a long time. ("Shen Fang Zhen Ji")

3. Treat stranguria and nourish blood
One or two Fu Ba, one or two Sichuan coins, five pills per serving. Also take honey boiled water to swallow, white sugar soup, hot water urine and white blood soup, and old wine to drink. (The five-effect pill in Cihang's "Life History")

Fu Ba uses



Fu Ba powder

1. Stomach upset: Fu Ba, yellow ones are better, stir-fry and grind into powder. Three qian per serving, mixed with granulated sugar soup, and white soup.

2. Treatment of dysentery: Chendong rice (stir-fried), tofu crispy rice, divided into fine powder. Take the hollow white soup for two or three qian, and you should be hungry for half a day after taking it. (Part 1-2 comes from "Supplements to the Outline" quoted from "The Precious Records of Shen Fang")

Made into pills

Treatment of stranguria, nourishing blood: one liang of Fu Ba, one qian of Chuan Lian. The same smashed pills are as big as phoenix seeds. Take five qian per serving, swallow the red belt with honey in boiling water, drink the white belt with granulated sugar soup, drink hot urine with blood and white soup, and drink blood with old wine for bowel wind. ("Compendium Supplements" quoted "Book of Cihang Living Man")


Ingredients: 100 grams of tofu crust, appropriate amount of brown sugar.
Usage: add about 500 ml of water to the tofu crispy rice, cook for about 20 minutes, add brown sugar. Take it with crispy rice twice a day.
Effects: tonify deficiency and stop sweating, and can stop bleeding.
1. The child is weak and suffers from night sweats.
2. More blood in the stool.


Fu Ba Boiled Bacon

Ingredients: tofu crust, bacon, green onions, ginger, garlic, pickles
1. The bought tofu rice crust must have two layers because it is folded in half. So you cut it off where it was folded in half, then cut it vertically into strips, and cut it into diamond-shaped slices with a diagonal knife.
2. Then prepare the small ingredients. Cut the farmhouse bacon into slices, which can be slightly thicker. Then there are ginger slices and garlic slices. The scallions are divided into three parts, the leaf part, the outer skin part and the middle, which are cut into diamond-shaped pieces for later use.
3. Put lard in the pot (use salad oil if you don't have it). First put ginger slices and garlic slices, fry them a little bit, and when the aroma comes out, add sliced bacon. Continue to stir-fry for a while, when the surface of the bacon slices turns slightly yellow, add the middle part of the scallions, and your own pickles, stir-fry together, and add boiling water after smelling the aroma of the middle part of the scallions.
4. Then put in the tofu crispy rice, seasoning: salt, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, dark soy sauce. The soup should be slightly reddish and not too salty as it will have to simmer a little longer.
5. After the cooking time has passed, open the pot and put in the green onion leaves, the outer layer of the green onion, and the big red pepper. Collect the juice over medium heat. By the way, adjust the taste once at the end. When the time is up, it can be out of the pot.

Fu Ba Chicken feet

1. Prepare one or two sheets of Fu Ba, add water to the pot and boil to 50 degrees, turn off the heat as soon as small bubbles appear in the pot, then put the tofu rice crackers into the hot pot and pick them up immediately;
2. After taking out the tofu rice crust, let it dry for a while; when it is not too hot, squeeze out the water with your hands, and then chop it with a knife for later use:
3. Cut onions and carrots into thin strips, then wash and set aside;
4. Put the chopped tofu crispy rice into a bowl, add seasoning, add onion, carrot, and stir well.
5. Cook the prepared chicken feet and add some soy sauce, salt and other condiments:
6. Put the tofu rice crust on a plate, put the chicken feet on top, and it's done.

External use

Treatment of blood and wind sores: first soak the tofu swill to remove dimples, wipe dry with a cloth, mix with Chuanlian, Fu Ba powder, and real sesame oil, and then apply it when it is dry. ("Compendium Supplements" quoted "Book of Cihang Living Man")

How to buy Fu Ba?

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