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Wen Jing

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What is Wen Jing?

Wen Jing is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the whole herb of Equisetum arvense L., a genus of the family Mucoraceae.

Equisetum arvense L. is a small to medium-sized fern in the family of Mucoraceae. The rhizome of Wenjing is black-brown, and the above-ground branches wither in the current year. Branches are dimorphic. Usually, Wen Jing herb is up to 35 cm high, yellow-brown, sheath tube chestnut brown or yellowish, chestnut brown, narrowly triangular, spores scattered after the fertile branches withered. Sterile branches sprout after, and sheath teeth are triangular and persistent. Lateral branches are soft and slender, flattened, sporangial spike cylindrical, apically obtuse, stalk elongated at maturity.

Morphological characteristics of Wen Jing

Wen Jing is a small or medium-sized fern. Rootstock obliquely ascending, erect and transverse, black-brown, nodes and roots densely yellow-brown long hairy or smooth and glabrous. Above-ground branches withered in the current year. Branches dimorphic. Fertile branches sprout first in spring, 5-35 cm high, 3-5 mm in diameter at the middle, 2-6 cm long between nodes, yellowish brown, without whorls of branches, ridges inconspicuous, to dense longitudinal grooves; sheath tube chestnut brown or yellowish, about 0.8 cm long, sheath teeth 9-12, chestnut brown, 4-7 mm long, narrowly triangular, with a shallow longitudinal groove on the back of the sheath only distally, the fertile branches wither after the spores are dispersed.

Sterile branches sprout afterward, up to 40 cm tall, 1.5-3.0 mm in diameter at the middle of the main branch, 2-3 cm long between nodes, green, with many verticillate branches, and branched below the middle of the main branch. The dorsal part of the ridge is arched, without angles, with transverse lines, without tubercles; the sheath tube is narrow, green, with triangular sheath teeth, 5-6, black-brown in the middle, membranous at the margin, light brown, persistent. Lateral branches soft and slender, flattened, with 3-4 narrow and high ridges, dorsal surface of ridges with transverse lines; sheath teeth 3-5, lanceolate, green, margins membranous, persistent. Sporangia spikes cylindrical, 1.8-4.0 cm long, 0.9-1.0 cm in diameter, apical part obtuse, stalk elongated at maturity, stalk 3-6 cm long.

Growth environment of Wen Jing

Wen Jing is distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Xizang in China. It is distributed in Japan, Korean Peninsula, the Himalayas, Russia, Europe, and North America. It is found in moist grasslands, along ditches, sandy soil, cultivated land, mountain slopes, and meadows at altitudes of 0-3700 meters.

How to reproduce Wen Jing?

Wenjing needs to be divided and branched and tuber propagation, which is carried out in spring and is easy to survive. It can also be propagated by spores, which are green and should be sown with vegetables.

Cultivation techniques of Wen Jing

Wen Jing is robust and easy to cultivate. When planting in the ground, it is advisable to choose a moist environment, the soil is suitable for sandy loam. For potted plants, you can add decomposing soil and keep the soil moist often, and spray water during the dry season to increase air humidity. Although ask thorns like light, the proper shade will make the branches bright green, increasing the ornamental value. Fertilizer needs are not large and can be in the growing season after two times rotten liquid fertilizer.

Prevention and treatment methods of Wen Jing

After the seedlings of wheat fields, soybeans, corn, and other medium-sized crops after sowing before the spraying of systemic herbicides, such as 2,4-dichloro butyl, isopycnal, 2 methyl 4 chlorine, azoxystrobin, isoxaflutole, etc., at a temperature of 13 ℃ below the absorption conductivity is poor, on the ground only touching effect, not effective for the underground. Soybean post-emergence spraying isoxaflutole and flumioxazin have a bactericidal effect on ask thorn, no absorption, and conduction. In particular, less plowing and harrowing stubble land, not deep-turned plots for many years, ask thorns underground rhizome long, rely solely on herbicides difficult to control the damage. According to many years of practice, the control of thorns must take comprehensive measures, each link cannot be ignored.

Through reasonable crop rotation can rotate the use of herbicides, focusing on wheat fields with good 2,4-drop butyl, iso-octyl, according to the weather forecast, choose the higher temperature of the weather application. Adhere to the alternating deep and shallow tillage system, through deep tillage, especially wheat fields in a timely manner after the harvest, through mechanical raking, ask thorn underground rhizomes were mechanically cut off, wind and sun can eliminate ask thorn about 70%, the residual with herbicides easy to kill.

According to the characteristics of the early emergence of Wenjing, the soil was covered with 2 cm on the monopoly by pre-planting preparation and pre-sowing application, followed by suppression. The timely cultivation of the soil after the application of drugs after the seedling is conducive to inhibiting the growth of ask thorn.

Wen Jing TCM

Wen Jing herb

Part of medicine

Whole grass.

Nature and taste

Sweet and bitter in taste, flat in nature.

Absorbing organs

Enters the lung, stomach, and liver meridians.


Stops bleeding, diuretic, and brightens the eyes.

Primary treatment

Epistaxis, hematemesis, hemoptysis, hematochezia, hematochezia in stool, hemorrhage from trauma, gonorrhea, and cataracts of the eyes.

Usage and dosage

Internal use: decoction, 3-15g.

External use: Appropriate amount, pounded fresh; or dried and powdered.

Pharmacological effects

a. Hepatoprotective effect.

b. Hypolipidemic effect.

c. Diuretic effect.

d. Antihypertensive effect.


Herb properties
The whole herb of Wen Jing is about 30cm long, mostly dry and shrunken or the branches and nodes fall off. Stem slightly flat or round, light green, with fine longitudinal grooves, and long internodes, each node has reduced scale leaves, sheath-like, apex tooth-lobed, stiff membranous. Branchlets whorled, tips tapering. Sometimes with partial roots at the base, black-brown in color. Smell slightly, and taste slightly bitter and astringent.
Characteristic of drinking tablets
Wenjing is in small segments, mostly with nodes. Surface light green, with longitudinal lines. There are scale-like leaves on the nodes, sheath-like, the apex has a tooth cleft and a hard membrane texture. The smell is slight and tastes bitter, astringent, slightly sweet, and slightly gritty feeling when chewing.

Processing methods of Wen Jing

Harvesting and processing

Harvest in summer and autumn, cut the whole herb, put it in a ventilated place and dry it in the shade, or use it fresh.

Concoction method

Take the original herb, remove the impurities, wash it with water, moisten it slightly, cut it into sections, and dry it.

Wen Jing benefits


Stopping bleeding, diuretic, brightening eyes

Wen Jing has the effect of stopping bleeding, and can be used in the treatment of hemoptysis, blood in stool, and bleeding from trauma; Wen Jing has the effect of diuretic and can be used in the treatment of feverish gonorrhea, and urinary discomfort; Wen Jing also has the effect of brightening the eyes, and can be used in the treatment of swollen and painful eyes, fire eye opacity. According to ancient records, it is not toxic. However, in animal experiments, this drug was found to have adverse effects on the motor function of animals, so patients are advised to use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Wen Jing side effects

a. Poisoning. A medical doctor once conducted an experiment in which a horse was given a large amount of the herb, and after three hours the horse became reflex-excited and showed symptoms of staggering and difficulty in standing.

b. Maternal miscarriage. One of the main effects of Wen Jing is to make the body defecate, lubricate the intestines, but also to maintain the bladder, these effects are based on Wen Jing can promote blood circulation in the body, but for pregnant women, Wenjing is a deadly poison, it may cause the miscarriage of the fetus, and in serious cases can endanger the lives of adults.

c. Heart and lung failure. Wenjing can treat cardiovascular diseases in the elderly, but some medical practitioners have confirmed that excessive consumption of this herb can also lead to cardiopulmonary failure in the elderly, and Wenjing itself contains a small amount of toxicity, which can cause damage to the liver and kidney function in some people with poor health.

Wenjing application

a. Wen Jing Tang / Wenjing Tang

b. Wen Jing Pian

c. Wen Jing Tea

How to buy Wen Jing?

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