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Zhi Zi

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What is Zhi Zi?

Zhi Zi is the fruit of Gardenia jasminoides, a plant of the Rubiaceae family. The fruit of Gardenia jasminoides is traditional Chinese medicine, belongs to the lth batch of medicinal food dual-use resources promulgated by the Ministry of Health, has the role of liver protection, choleretic, antihypertensive, sedative, hemostatic, anti-swelling and so on. In Chinese medicine, clinical is commonly used in the treatment of jaundice-type hepatitis, sprain and contusion, hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases.

Morphological characteristics of Zhi Zi

Zhi Zi Gardenia is a shrub, 0.3-3 m tall; shoots are often covered with short hairs, branches terete, and gray. Leaves opposite, or in whorls of 3, leathery, sparsely papery, leaf shape diverse, usually oblong-lanceolate, obovate-oblong, obovate or elliptic, 3-25 cm long, 1.5-8 cm wide, apical acuminate, abruptly long acuminate or mucronate and obtuse, base cuneate or mucronate, both surfaces often glabrous, bright green above, darker below; lateral veins 8-15 pairs, raised below, flat above; petiole long 0.2-1 cm; stipules membranous.

Flowers fragrant, usually solitary at the top of branches, pedicels 3-5 mm long; calyx tube obconic or ovate, 8-25 mm long, with longitudinal ribs, calyx limb tubular, inflated, apically 5-8-lobed, usually 6-lobed, lobes lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, 10-30 mm long, 1-4 mm wide, growing when fruiting, persistent; corolla white or creamy yellow, salverform, throat sparsely pilose, corolla tube narrowly cylindrical, 3-5 cm long 3-5 cm, 4-6 mm wide, apically 5- to 8-lobed, usually 6-lobed, lobes widely spreading, obovate or obovate-oblong, 1.5-4 cm long, 0.6-2.8 cm wide; filaments very short, anthers linear, 1.5-2.2 cm long, protruding; style thick, ca. 4.5 cm long, stigma fusiform, protruding, 1-1.5 cm long, 3-7 mm wide, ovary ca. 3 mm in diameter, yellow, smooth.

Fruit ovoid, subglobose, ellipsoid or oblong, yellow or orange-red, 1.5-7 cm long, 1.2-2 cm in diameter, with 5-9 winglike longitudinal ribs, the apical persistent sepals up to 4 cm long and up to 6 mm wide; seeds numerous, flat, suborbicular and slightly angular, ca. 3.5 mm long and ca. 3 mm wide. March-July, fr. May to Feb.

Growth environment of Zhi Zi

Zhi Zi is born in open fields, hills, valleys, mountain slopes, streamside thickets, or forests at 10-1500 meters above sea level.

It likes warm and humid climates, and good sunshine but cannot withstand strong sunlight, suitable for growing in loose, fertile, well-drained, lightly clayey acidic soil, with strong resistance to harmful gases, strong budding power, and pruning resistance. It is a typical acidic flower.

Productization of Zhi Zi



Seedlings propagated by seeds can flower and bear fruit 3-4 years after planting, and cuttings propagated by cuttings start to bear fruit in 2-3 years. Every year after the frost, the fruit gradually from green to yellow-green, red-yellow or golden yellow can be harvested. Choose a sunny day, regardless of the size of the fruit all 1 time to pick all, so conducive to germination and branching. Harvesting time should not be too early, too early harvesting fruit is not fully mature, processing out of the commodity peel is black, light texture bubble, processing yield to 40% lower. Harvest too late, not only by birds eat, and the fruit gradually become soft and fall off on their own, the processing of goods is not easy to dry, inconvenient storage. After picking the fruit, should be stacked in a ventilated and dry place to prevent decay.

The harvesting method of wild gardenia is the same as home grown gardenia.


Remove the picked fruits from the stalks and other debris, and put them into alum water in stages and batches, or scald them in boiling water, or steam them in a steamer. Take out sun or bake to seven into dry, put ventilation place pile up 2-3 days, and then sun dry or fire drying. Gardenia fruit is not easy to dry, should gently turn over at any time when baking, prevent outside dry inside wet, appear "sugar heart egg", inconvenient to keep. Bake when the fire potential should be first big after small, so as not to hurt burn fruit skin.

Zhi Zi benefits

Zi Zhi

Clearing fire, cooling blood, relieving dampness, and promoting pancreatic secretion

Zhi Zi Chinese herb is the fruit of Gardenia jasminoides, family Cyperaceae. Gardenia is bitter and cold in taste and belongs to the heart, lung, and three jiao meridians. Has high medicinal value, can diarrhea fire, cool blood, benefit dampness, and promote pancreatic secretion, commonly used in the treatment of jaundice type hepatitis, high blood pressure, diabetes or sprain and contusion, and other diseases.

a. Zhi Zi has a strong fire-removing effect and can improve the symptoms of worry and distress, especially for heat disturbing the heart and mind. The heat sensation disease outside the body also has a very good therapeutic effect, can lift boredom, can relieve the evil depression upper jiao and high heat irritability, and so on the phenomenon.

b. Gardenia's detoxification effect is more obvious, can prevent and control all kinds of heat poison, also can play the role of cooling blood, help to alleviate the phenomenon of vomiting blood and urinating blood, and improve the symptoms of poison sores brought by heat poison.

c. Zhizi has a strong effect of diuretic dampness and can effectively remove damp heat from the liver and gallbladder. If the liver fire is vigorous, the mood is irritable, along with chest tightness and mouth bitterness, and other symptoms can take gardenia to improve.

d. Zhi Zi herb also has a good role in promoting pancreatic secretion, can inhibit the role of pancreatic amylase, and increase pancreatic bile secretion.

Zhi Zi TCM


Zhi Zi Gardenia

Medicinal parts

The dried mature fruit of Gardenia jasminoides, family Cyperaceae.


Bitter, cold.

Maintaining the meridians

Belongs to the Heart, Lung, and Sanjiao meridians.


Clearing fire and removing irritation, clearing heat and dampness, cooling the blood, and detoxifying the toxin; Zhi Zi is used externally to relieve swelling and pain.

Main Treatment

Zhizi is used for fever and heart trouble, damp-heat jaundice, gonorrhea and astringent pain, blood fever and epistaxis, red eyes and swelling pain, fire poison sores, and externally for sprain and contusion pain.

Usage and dosage

Decoction, 6~10 g. For external use, apply raw in an appropriate amount, ground, and mixed.


Zhi Zi Gardenia bitter cold hurt stomach, spleen deficiency loose stools should not be used.

Preparation method

Remove the fruit stems and impurities, steam until steam or place in boiling water and scald slightly, remove, dry, and crush.

Physiological properties

Zhi Zi is a shrub, 0.3-3 m tall; shoots are often covered with short hairs, and branches are cylindrical and gray. It flowers from March to July and fruits from May to February of the following year. It is born in the wilderness, hills, valleys, slopes, streamside scrub, or forest at 10~1500 meters above sea level, sex like warm and moist climate, good sunshine but can't withstand strong sunshine, suitable to grow in loose, fertile, well-drained, light clay acidic soil, strong resistance to harmful gas, strong sprouting power, pruning resistance.

Zhi Zi side effects

The side effect of Zhi Zi varies from person to person and is related to factors such as the amount is taken and personal constitution.

Gardenia is a Chinese medicine, and the side effect is relatively small, such as occasionally taking a small amount, and generally no obvious side effect. But because gardenia is cold in nature, if the patient's gastrointestinal function is poor, can stimulate gastrointestinal, appear abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms. Allergic body person taking gardenia, it is possible to cause an allergic reaction, skin appears hives-like papule or fixed drug rash, accompanied by an obvious itching feeling. Women take gardenia during menstruation, which can cause menstruation abnormality because of cold in the body, appear dysmenorrhea, menstruation quantity decrease, menstruation disorder, and other performance, so do not blindly take gardenia.

If long-term large amount of taking gardenia, can produce many side effects. Because gardenia belongs to the hepatotoxic drug, long-term large amount of taking will damage the liver, make the liver cell necrosis, transaminase rise. Also can cause poisoning reaction, appear dizziness, palpitation, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, urine quantity increases, body weakness and so on. In severe cases, Zhizi can lead to coma.

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