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Fu Rong Hua

Factory directly wholesale Fu Rong Hua, Furonghua

What is Fu Rong Hua?

The herbal base source of Fu Rong Hua is the flowers of Hibiscus mutabilis, a plant of the mallow family. Latin botanical name: Hibiscus mutabilis L. Harvest and storage: August-October pick the first open flowers, sun-dried or dried. Functions: For all sores and canker sores, canker sores, and canker sores, it can be used externally at the beginning to relieve pain and swelling; if taken internally, it has the function of draining pus. It can be used to treat canker sores, such as lung canker, by decocting the flowers with water and adding five coins of rock sugar, or by using it together with fishy grass. Hibiscus flowers can also cool the blood and clear heat and can be used with lotus shells to treat blood heat and leakage. In addition, it can also be used to treat water and fire burns by grinding it and taking it with honey or sesame oil.

Morphological characteristics of Fu Rong Hua

Deciduous shrubs or small trees of Furonghua, 2-5 m tall. branchlets, petioles, pedicels, and calyces are densely covered with fine woolly stellate hairs mixed with straight hairs. Leaves alternate; petiole 5-20cm long; stipules lanceolate, 6-8mm long, often caducous; leaves broadly ovate to ovoid or heart-shaped, 10-15cm in diameter, often 5-7-lobed, lobes triangular, apex acuminate, obtusely crenate, sparsely covered with stellate hairs and dots above, densely clothed with stellate fine tomentum below; primary veins 7-11. Flowers solitary between leaf axils at branch ends, pedicels ca. 5-8 mm long, nodding near the ends; bracteoles 8, linear, 10-16 mm long, ca. 2 mm wide, densely stellate woolly, base connate; calyx campanulate; 2.5-3 cm long, lobes 5, ovate, acuminate; flowers white or light red at first, later turning dark red, ca. 8 cm in diameter, petals suborbicular, 4-5 cm in diameter, outside hairy, base Petals suborbicular, 4-5 cm in diameter, outside hairy, base bearded; staminal column 2.5-3 cm long, glabrous; styles 5, sparsely hairy. Capsule depressed globose, ca. 2.5 cm in diameter, covered with yellowish bristles and woolly hairs, valves 5. August-October.

Growth environment of Fu Rong Hua

Fu Rong Hua prefers sunny and warm humid climates and does not tolerate drought. It should be planted in well-drained sandy loam soil.

How to reproduce Fu Rong Hua?

Furong Hua is propagated by cuttings, division, and seeding.

Cultivation techniques of Fu Rong Hua

Fu Rong Hua herb

Propagation by cuttings in production

In warm climates, cuttings are taken directly from the mother plant in February-March and inserted as they are cut. In cold winter climate areas, in September-October cut branches, cellar, to the following year in March-April out, cut into long 17-20cm spike, directly into the planting hole, 2 per hole, the ground exposed 3-4cm, watered, covered with dead grass and rotten leaves, after the survival of each hole to leave 1 plant. Propagation by division: Before sprouting in spring, dig up the clumps, divide the sprouting tillers, and transplant them with roots. Sowing propagation: pick the mature fruits in November-December, dry and thresh them, then dry them in March-April of the following year, sow seeds for seedlings, open shallow furrows at 20-25cm intervals, sow the seeds evenly in the furrows, cover them with thin and fine soil, then cover them with grass, and seedlings will emerge in about 15 days. The seedling height of about 7cm time seedling, 16-17cm when the seedling and plant spacing is 10-12cm. 1-year of seedlings can be planted out of the nursery.

Field management

After the cuttings and plants propagated by division are planted, the plants are weeded once a year in summer and winter, and the soil is cultivated properly in winter, and fertilized 2-3 times in combination with mid-tillage. In spring and summer, fertilizer is mainly applied to human and animal manure or fertilizer. In autumn and winter, after the flowers are harvested, holes or circular ditches are opened next to the plants, and compost, stable fertilizer, or garbage fertilizer is applied.

Pest and disease control of Fu Rong Hua

Fu Rong Hua is generally infested with common red leaf mite, which infests the leaves, and is promptly sprayed with 73% gramoxone 3000 times or 20% bimethoate emulsion 1000 times in the early stage of infestation. Cotton leafhopper and small green leafhopper, infesting leaves, can be sprayed with 5% carbaryl powder in the morning dew. The four-striped golden tortoise and the spotless arc mosquito, biting the leaves, can be killed by spraying 5% carbaryl powder in the adult bloom period. Cotton leaf curl wild borer, larvae hatching period, spray 90% trichlorfon 800 times.

Herb properties of Fu Rong Hua

Fu Rong Hua is irregularly cylindrical, with epicalyx, 10-lobed, lobes striped; corolla is about 9 cm in diameter, petals 5 or double, light brown to brownish-red; petals obovoid, margin slightly curved, base connate with staminal column; anthers numerous, borne at the top of the column; pistil 1, stigma 5-lobed. The aroma is slightly fragrant and the taste is slightly pungent.

Fu Rong Hua benefits


Furonghua herb

Clearing away heat and toxins, relieving swelling and pain, cooling the blood, and stopping bleeding

Fu Rong Hua is native to China and is a deciduous shrub or small tree of the genus Hibiscus in the mallow family. The flowers are borne singly in the axils of the leaves at the ends of the branches, and both the flowers and leaves can be used as medicine, with the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving swelling and pain, cooling the blood and stopping bleeding, and beautifying the skin.
Clearing heat and detoxifying the body
The accumulation of toxins in the body can cause discomfort, such as fire. Although fire is not a very serious symptom, but can reflect certain body problems, can be moderate consumption of hibiscus flower detoxification, detoxification of the body toxins, and body discomfort has a positive improvement effect.
Relieves swelling and pain
Hibiscus flower also has a very good pain-relieving effect on swelling and pain, for various reasons caused by the redness, swelling, and pain of joints, including muscle pain, have a very good pain-relieving, blood-vitalizing, swelling.
Cooling the blood to stop bleeding
Furonghua can be used to treat bleeding in the lower part of the body, such as urinary tract infections caused by hematuria, often these patients will also be accompanied by frequent urination, urinary urgency, cloudy urine symptoms, bladder stones in some patients will also appear hematuria, the same can be treated with hibiscus flower, for intestinal bleeding and hemorrhoids bleeding, or enteritis caused by blood in the stool, hibiscus flower also has a certain therapeutic effect.
Beauty care
Furong Hua has excellent skincare and beauty benefits. Since Furonghua is rich in vitamin C, it can make the human skin smoother and fairer, which is especially suitable for female patients.

Fu Rong Hua side effects

Fu Rong Hua is contraindicated for patients with cold deficiency and pregnant women.

Application of Fu Rong Hua

Fu Rong Hua Gou Qi tea

FunctionNourishes the liver and kidneys, cleanses the liver, and improves bile.
IngredientHibiscus Sabdariffa 3 flowers, Inula 3 Qian, Fructus Lycii 3 Qian, Glycyrrhiza glabra 1 Qian.
MethodBrew the herbs in a large cup with 1000ml of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Whitening Fu Rong Hua tea

FunctionNourishes and whitens, nourishes the skin.
IngredientRose 5g, Hibiscus 2 flowers.
MethodTake fresh hibiscus flowers, wash them, put them in a cup with roses and brew them with boiling water for 10 minutes and drink.

Fried Fu Rong Hua

FunctionMainly for bruises and injuries.
Ingredient40 fresh hibiscus flowers, 6 eggs, 60 ml of water, 100 g of cornstarch, and 50 g of sugar.
MethodHibiscus flowers to remove the receptacle, slightly dry, keep its flower shape; 6 eggs open, remove the egg yolk, and egg whites, put in a bowl, add 60 ml of water, 100 grams of cornstarch, 50 grams of sugar, stir well into the egg white paste. Frying pan on medium heat, put vegetable oil to heat, hold the hibiscus flowers with chopsticks, wrapped in egg white paste, one by one in turn into the frying pan and leave the fire, wait for the oil temperature to reduce and then on the fire, deep-fried until light yellow when the fish out of the warm food.

How to buy Fu Rong Hua?

Native Chinese supply factory sale Fu Rong Hua, if you are interested in Fu Rong Hua herb, please fill below form, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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