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Yun Zhi

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1. What is Yun Zhi?
    1.1 Physiological properties of Yun Zhi
2. Growth environment of Yun Zhi
3. Cultivation techniques of Yun Zhi
4. Yunzhi benefits
    4.1 Wild yunzhi benefits
5. Yun Zhi TCM
6. Application of Yun Zhi
    6.1 Yunzhi Hepatite Punch
    6.2 Yunzhi polysaccharide tablets
    6.3 Xiang Yun Liver Tai Punch
    6.4 Yunzhi capsules
7. How to buy Yun Zhi?

What is Yun Zhi?

Yun Zhi is the dried fruiting body of Coriolus versicoLor (L.exFr.) Quel, a fungus of the family Polyporaceae. It can be harvested all year round, remove impurities and dried.

Physiological properties of Yun Zhi

The lid of Yunzhi mushroom is single fan-shaped, semi-circular or shell-shaped, often several superimposed into imbricate or rosette-shaped; diameter l to l0cm, thickness 1-4mm. surface densely gray, brown, blue, purple-black and other colors of tomentum, forming a multicolored narrow concentric ring, the edge is thin; ventral surface gray-brown, yellow-brown or yellowish, white at the non-bacterial tube, dense mycobacterial tube, the mouth of the tube is sub-circular to Polygonal, part of the mouth of the tube split into teeth. Leathery, not easy to break, flesh white, about 1mm thick; bacterium tube single layer, 0.5 ~ 2mm long, mostly light brown, the mouth is suborbicular to polygonal, every 1mm there are 3 ~ 5. Slight smell, taste light.

Growth environment of Yun Zhi

Yunzhi is generally found in the wild. Wild Yunzhi is grown on the stumps, fallen wood and above the branches of broad-leaved trees, and is widely distributed all over the world.

Yun Zhi is a common large fungus, distributed in Hebei, Shanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Anhui and other places in China.

Cultivation techniques of Yun Zhi

Yun Zhi is cold in nature, slightly sweet in taste, and has heat-clearing and anti-inflammatory effects. Modern medical research shows that polysaccharides extracted from Yunzhi seed entities, mycelium and fermentation broth have strong cancer inhibiting activity and have become an anti-malignant tumor drug in Japan. In addition to hepatitis, it has also been used in the prevention and treatment of liver cancer in China on a trial basis, with satisfactory results. It is also effective for chronic bronchitis and chronic active hepatitis. China has developed "Yunzhi liver peptide" and other preparations for clinical use. Yunzhi is abundant in the wild and can be successfully cultivated artificially, so it can be cultivated according to the market demand.
Growing conditionsDescription
TemperatureMycelium is very adaptable, 3 ~ 31 ℃ can be grown, the most suitable for 25 ~ 28 ℃; the most suitable growth temperature of the substrate is 25 ~ 30 ℃.
Moisture contentSegmental cultivation, water content needs 42% to 47%; when bag material cultivation, culture material moisture content is about 60%. When the seed entity occurs, the relative humidity of air requires 85% to 90%, below 80% or above 95%, are poor growth.
AirYunzhi is aerobic fungi, in a well-aerated environment mycelium growth is rapid, the substrates develop robustly.
LightMycelium growth does not need light, the zygote occurs need scattered light stimulation, while the zygote has the characteristics of growth to the light.
Acidity and alkalinityYunzhi prefers acidic environment, pH 4 to 5.6 grows well.

Yunzhi benefits

Wild yunzhi benefits

Strengthening the spleen, relieving dampness, and clearing heat and toxins

Yun Zhi belongs to the liver, spleen and lung meridians, and therefore has the effect of strengthening the spleen, relieving dampness and protecting the liver. It can be used for the treatment of damp-heat jaundice, rib and dorsal swelling pain, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, and is very effective. Yunzhi also has the efficacy of clearing heat and detoxification, relieving cough and asthma, and can be used for the treatment of sore throat and chronic bronchitis. In addition, Yunzhi mushroom is widely used in the treatment of many major diseases, such as cancer, tumors and leukemia, and can also increase the body's immunity.

The main active ingredient in Yunzhi is Yunzhi polysaccharide, which has immunomodulatory function and is a good immune enhancer, with the function of enhancing immune cell function and recognition ability and increasing the amount of IgM; Yunzhi polysaccharide also has the effect of liver protection and liver protection, which can significantly reduce serum transaminase and has obvious repair effect on liver tissue lesion and liver necrosis.

The seeds of Yunzhi contain an anticancer substance in their bodies. The fungus is used medicinally to remove dampness, resolve phlegm, and treat lung diseases. It is effective in treating chronic bronchitis and prolonged chronic hepatitis. Yunzhi can be used as a drug for immunotherapy of liver cancer. Polysaccharide extracted from mycelium and polysaccharide extracted from fermentation broth both have strong cancer inhibitory properties. The inhibition rates of sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich carcinoma in mice were 80% and 100%, respectively.

Yunzhi is also a fungus with a variety of metabolites, including protease, peroxidase, amylase, worm laccase, and leather enzymes, which have their wide economic uses. In addition, the fungus is often found in the cultivation of fungus and shiitake mushrooms, and is considered as a harmful "miscellaneous fungus".

Yun Zhi TCM


Yunzhi mushroom

Medicinal parts

The dried seeds of Inula.

Preparation method

Remove impurities, wash and dry.

Nature and taste

Sweet in taste and mild in nature.

Attribution meridian

Yun Zhi belongs to the heart, spleen, liver and kidney meridians.

Application of Yun Zhi


Yunzhi Hepatite Punch

Yunzhi polysaccharide (converted from polysaccharide content of crude extracts) 74g, sucrose in appropriate amount. Take Yun Zhi polysaccharide and cane sugar, mix, add water in appropriate amount, make granules, dry at 50-60℃, whole granules, divide and pack, make 1000g, 5g per bag, containing 0.37g of Yunzhi polysaccharide, the product is gray-brown granules, slight breath, sweet and light taste. Function: Benefit Qi and nourish liver. It is an immunomodulator. For chronic active hepatitis, take with warm water, 1 sachet each time, 2-3 times daily.

Yunzhi polysaccharide tablets

Yunzhi polysaccharide (crude) 250g, cocoa powder 20g, cane sugar 170g, dextrin 50g. weigh Yunzhi polysaccharide (crude) plus auxiliary materials mixed well, granulated with 60% ethanol in appropriate amount, dried, pressed, coated, each tablet weighs 0.25g. After removing the sugar coating, the product appears brown-black, tastes sweet, slightly sour and astringent, with cocoa aroma. Take the product to remove the sugar coating, crushed and add water, water bath warm immersion and shaking, filtered, filtrate with ethanol, shaking, let stand and filtered, the precipitate was washed with 60% ethanol, discard the washing solution. The precipitate was washed with 60% ethanol and the washings were discarded. The precipitate was dissolved in hot water together with the filter paper and filtered. Take the filtrate and add a slight excess of basic copper tartrate test solution, boiling water heating until the solution remains blue, filtered, the filtrate plus hydrochloric acid solution placed in boiling water heating, cooled and neutralized with dilute alkali solution, and then add basic copper tartrate test solution, boiling water heating, resulting in a large amount of red precipitation; take the filtrate and add water and ferric chloride - potassium ferricyanide test solution, the solution shows blue-green; drop the filtrate on the filter paper, add 0.2% ninhydrin test solution heating, showing Purple-red. Functions Benefit Qi and nourish the liver, as an immunomodulator. It is used for prolonged, chronic active hepatitis and other conditions. Take orally, 2-3 tablets each time, 3 times a day.

Xiang Yun Liver Tai Punch

Yunzhi and shiitake mushroom polysaccharide clear paste (3:2) in appropriate amount (equivalent to 28g of proteoglycan), 820g of sucrose and appropriate amount of dextrin to make 1000g. Take shiitake mushroom and Yun Zhi mushroom polysaccharide clear paste, add sucrose powder and dextrin and mix well, add appropriate amount of water to make soft material, make granule, dry at 50-60℃, whole granule, divide and pack, that is. The product is dark brown granules, slightly sweet taste. Each bag is 5g, each 1g contains proteoglycan in glucose (C6H12O6), should be not less than 28mg. function regulation of immunity and reduce alanine transaminase. Used for chronic prolonged hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis, and for the comprehensive treatment of tumor. Take orally, 1 sachet each time, 2 times daily with boiled water.

Yunzhi capsules

Yunzhi capsules benefits

Yunzhi capsules contain essence of mushroom Yun Zhi. 320g of Yunzhi mushroom culture clear paste, plus the right amount of excipients, dry, crushed, sieved, mixed, packed into capsules, made of 1000 capsules, that is. The content of the product is brown powder, sour, slightly bitter and astringent taste. The product aqueous solution drop on the filter paper, dry and add ninhydrin test solution, baked at 100 ℃ for about 5 minutes, showing purple spots. Functions Benefit qi and nourish liver, support righteousness and consolidate essence. Adjusting immune function, used for chronic viral hepatitis, also used for early cirrhosis. Take orally, 3 capsules each time, 3 times daily.

How to buy Yun Zhi?

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